Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend War Memorial

After participating in this year’s Order of the Thistle service, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh  attended a commemorative service for the Scottish National War Memorial yesterday afternoon at Edinburgh Castle. Queen Elizabeth wore a lavender hued hat with diagonal crown, small brim and a wild spray of orange, pink and lime feathers and straw bow loops to coordinate with her dress. It’s a rather fun and wacky hat that works well enough (the too-tall crown seems to work with this diagonal crown shape) on it’s own- my problem with this hat is that it’s whimsical tone is lost against the Queen’s too-wide open collar coat. The cut of this coat causes the silk dress underneath to roll into a mass of wrinkles and the boxy shape totally diminishes the effect of the fun hat. I think this is a case of “Hat fail by bad tailoring”. Furthermore, this seems like a hat for a less somber occasion. I just don’t look at this hat and immediately think it is perfect for an event at a War Memorial (a kindergarten, yes! Ascot? Absolutely!). I am curious what you, dear readers, think of this hat and its suitability for this event.

Embed from Getty Images

 Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 11, 2010; June 19, 2009

Photos from Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Attend War Memorial

  1. Normally I do not like those diagonal brims , but this one is almost ok. I’d give the hat a pass to not have to look at that horrid coat. It is two sizes too big and that big open V neck is just sloppy and the tailoring is just appalling! Have they no mirrors ?

  2. I like the hat, although I understand your concern about its suitability for a somber occasion. But you’re so right: it’s the ill-fitting coat that ruins the outfit.
    Actually there must be something wrong with whoever’s in charge of Queen Elizabeth’s light purple coats. This is not the same as the mix-up in purple coats with the Pope last spring, but today’s ill-fitting coat has been worn with another outfit:
    It was equally unattractive with that other dress and hat in Australia. Seems odd that one of the Queen’s least attractive coats has the distinction of being the sole coat exclusively worn with two different outfits.

  3. Too damned big alright, look how the coat is slewing to the left. I wrote in a recent post that I enjoyed seeing Her Majesty in a more fitted coat, so I’m disappointed to see this return to sloppiness. The hat is quite fun and I think it’s suitable for the event. It was debuted at Ascot and followed up by Trooping The Colour so it has had a couple of high profile outings.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I like this fun little calypso hat (and I’m loving her root around the back of the wardrobe as well – it’s really interesting to see how her style does evolve in a short space of time), but that coat annoys me. It’s too damned big for a start, and just needs something, a collar, not to be double breasted – I don;t know, to rescue it. Which is a shame as the floral print is quite fun. She does have other loose coats that work better, I think it’s just this is in a light fabric, so it doesn’t stay in place. But the most important thing – I like the hat!

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