Queen Elizabeth Commemorates Bridge and Launches Aircraft Carrier in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Forth Road Bridge in South Queensferry, Scotland his morning to take part in its 50th anniversary celebration. The Queen unveiled a plaque dedicated to those who have worked on the maintenance and operation of the Bridge over the past 50 years, as well as a new hat! One of Angela Kelly’s flat crown, flat brim designs, this hat was made of turquoise straw and trimmed with a band of black lace around the crown. On it’s own, it’s a beautiful hat on Her Majesty- the colour is beautiful and the black lace trim is a bold yet elegant statement. My trouble with this ensemble is that once again, the coat ruins the overall look. The black lace trim repeated on the Queen’s blue patterned coat is just awful. Remove the lace trim from both, put some new blue-hued trim on the hat, and we would have a winning outfit, don’t you think?

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

This afternoon, the royal couple christened the new Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier.  Photos from the aircraft carrier christening show this hat, dress and coat to be a darker, more saturated colour than the photos we saw from this morning. Somehow, the black lace trim seems a little better but I’m still not willing to deem it a success.

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Reader Dollymammy also noticed Lady Sarah Chatto at this event. She repeated the cream saucer hat we saw her wear a few weeks ago at Ascot and at Trooping the Colour. This front view of the hat shows the striking saucer shape, one that I think suits Sarah very well.

Lady Sarah Chatto, July 7, 2014 in Stephen Jones | Royal Hat

Designer of Lady Sarah’s hat: Stephen Jones
Previously Worn: June 20, 2014; June 14, 2014April 20, 2013June 5, 2012June 10, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated and Sky News


20 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Commemorates Bridge and Launches Aircraft Carrier in Scotland

  1. Kids, I don’t think that’s black…I think it’s navy blue, which would make more sense. Still, not the best look for Her Majesty.

  2. The base colour is a beautiful bright turquoise which I love. I’m not fond of the hat shape, but this is quite a good example with a striking but simple embellishment in the lace. I would prefer the coat without the lace, but I don’t think it is too bad as it is. However, the coat pattern with the wide neckline is what is wrong here – it allows the possibility of being misaligned on the Queen’s shoulders, as it was this time. Of course one can say that a lady in waiting should give a tweak to adjust, but better to avoid the need to do so in the first place! The one thing about this outfit that I like is that the Queen’s habitual black bag, gloves and shoes actually reinforce the scheme of the whole ensemble, rather than just existing semi-detached alongside it.

    • I agree with your basic assessments. Many of the Queen’s most striking outfits do have black trim somewhere to tie the outfit to those habitual accessories.
      I do think the width the black lace, and the fact that it’s lace rather than a solid trim, causes a clash with the texture and mottled color of the coat, however.
      If you look carefully at the following photo

      you can see how this potential misalignment problem was avoided in this dress (also by AK, since it’s the same hat pattern). Right below the 144777884 (blow up the photo) number, you will notice a horizontal line. That’s because the top purple fabric, which at first glance appears to be the dress, is actually fabric attached to the coat and closed to make the coat hang straight since the purple fabric on the coat is fastened. Below that horizontal line you’re seeing the dress; above the line you’re actually seeing the coat. What you’re not seeing is a misaligned coat.

  3. No, no, No. That coat is so ill fitting . The neckline is too large and the shoulder seams are not fitted properly. the shoulder seam on the right sleeve is in place, but the one of the left is falling off her shoulder. The fabric is not stabilized properly and a lining alone does not give enough structure. The “bumpiness” down the front of the coat is another indication of a lack of underlining or stabilizing and the lace is rather gathering it up. The lace looks cheap and nasty and the stiff cardboard look to that hat is just not flatttering to the Queen. Just sad. Wearing diamond broaches on a crafty cathy coat is appalling!

  4. Too bad. The ill fitting coat I hope is not an indication that muscle and body mass has been lost due to illness.The Queen works so hard.

      • Touché to that! I share other’s concerns. What a gruelling schedule and timetable Her Majesty keeps, there really is no down time, and of course, when she is not in public, she is continually working behind the scenes…..and so it goes on. She is truly remarkable and we are so full of admiration for her. This is one reason I particularly like this blog – there is discussion re the outfits but always with a degree of respect, especially for HM it would appear. I personally find it difficult to criticise what she is wearing when I am so acutely aware that it is all just fluff compared to what she does, and has done, as a monarch, for over 60 years!!! Now that’s the epitome of Duty…..maybe today’s outfit isn’t so bad after all!!!

  5. Really dislike this shape hat on her – it looks like it’s from an old Spaghetti western or a Spanish/Mexican cowboy hat – never liked it when she has worn this shape. I personally think HM has lost some body mass from her shoulders down to her bust line and is why her coats have not been fitting well — she’s also developed a bit more of her hump back. She’s not looking all that well here – someone plastered the wrong foundation shade on her – the link of demarcation is really noticeable.

  6. Yes, remove all the black (I was hoping it was at least dark blue) lace. Even if the coat were not so textured and patterned, the thicker lace on the hat looks overpowering. With all black trim removed from coat and hat, just adding a small band of coat fabric around the brim of the hat would tie everything together.
    I like AK’s flat-brimmed hats, but the number of them really has become overwhelming!
    While this coat fits, unlike yesterday’s double-breasted, double-oufit-suitable light purple number, today’s coat needs adjusting to center it. Have HMQE2’s ladies-in-waiting all gone on strike? Several recent coats have been too tight, too loose or just off center. After she gets out of her car, someone needs to spend a few seconds to see that she’s camera ready.

  7. I quite like the lace on the hat (but am now beyond, beyond bored with this shape!) The coat is lovely too (and it fits!) and though I get your point about the lace, actually when viewed closely it works. This is a very close cousin, in colour and design of the outfit she wore at the military review before the jubilee.

    I’d just like a bit of a change. Angela, please?

  8. Lady Sarah Chatto was there too. Wearing her favourite hat and cardi combo. Wish she’d treat herself to something new.

  9. I like the lace trim on the hat, but the lace trim on the coat is not a good look. It clashes with the pattern in the fabric and is distracting. I do love the color. Maybe they will rework the look before it gets another outing.

  10. Please, design 101 – do not put ornate, floral trim on a geometric patterned, textured fabric. Ugh, I’m actually screwing up my face as I write. These 2 elements are clashing badly!!! Re the hat choice – The base colour of the hat matches perfectly with the dress fabric, that I do like, but as I have said in previous posts, I don’t really find this flat brimmed shape very flattering on HM and I prefer them in lighter hues. So today, just to challenge my view we get big bold black lace on one. I think I could be (maybe perhaps) tempted to soften my view……but please please retire or change the coat!

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