Duchess of Gloucester Celebrates St. Paul’s Cathedral Friends

Last Wednesday, St Paul’s Cathedral celebrated the contribution of its Cathedral Friends at a special service attended by their royal patron, The Duchess of Gloucester. The Duchess wore a lovely black and white ensemble topped with a prim black straw beret hat. Brigitte certainly favours these prim straw berets- she also has them navy, mushroom grey, and medium blue. I prefer these berets when they are embellished with something other than the awkward stem in the center (as her medium blue one is); this aside, the beret shape is a great one for the Duchess and her short hairstyle.

Duchess of Gloucester, July 2, 2014 | Royal HatsDuchess of Gloucester, July 2, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is Lock & Co.
Previously Worn: June 14, 2014

Photos from St. Paul’s Cathedral

17 thoughts on “Duchess of Gloucester Celebrates St. Paul’s Cathedral Friends

  1. Birgitte is one of my favorite royals, always so elegant even if I don’t personally always care for her ensembles. This one is lovely. These straw berets suit her so well. I have to say though that I LOVE the outift of the choirboy (sorry if I’m not using the correct term).

  2. This is a very good version in straw of the traditional felt beret. If this were the Duchess’s only one, I’d think the little stalk was fine, a nod to tradition. But as it’s not, one does really hope for a bit more variety. The basic beret shape in straw can be embellished in all sorts of ways. That said, I thought the Duchess’s whole ensemble was very elegant in her usual quiet style.

    On the subject of the discussion below, not all hats are good. HatQueen makes not always positive, but always very pertinent comments about hat styles and suitability and execution which we enjoy, and manages to do so without making negative personal remarks about the wearer. It seems to me we are very lucky to have someone willing to put in all the work and keep us so well informed, and to maintain a blog that has such a pleasant tone.

    • Spot on! Let’s all continue to keep it that way. 🙏 More 👒👑🎩👗🎽 Less 😁😤😡👹……. Cheers Hat Queen.

  3. I read a lot of Royal blogs and this one is in the minority, in being consistently respectful. The subject is hats, about which we all have opinions, and as a result of the work HatQueen puts into it, we are all a bit more informed than we were. It is also a joy to read.

  4. This hat reminds me of the little hats worn by the gumnut babies in May Gibbs classic children’s book – “The complete adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie”.

  5. Love this blog too and find it such a positive moment in the day. About the hat: I find the stem on this hat a nice touch – it would look flat without it. Where does the tradition comes from? France?

  6. I think the hat suits Brigitte and her hair style so well. She is one of my favourite royals. I don’t even mind the “stem.”

  7. I like this blog, but lately, it seems that the author makes snide comments. It starts to feel petty and boring and makes me want to look at the pictures and avoid the text. It’s a shame really because what could be an informative blog has become so petty.

    • If you think this blog is snide and petty, try reading just about any other fashion blog. This one is witty, fun and informative.

      If you don’t like it, why don’t you go elsewhere?

    • Love this blog don’t find it mean like others. Also love all the history and lessons about the different hat styles. Learn so much here! Keep up the good work!

      • I like this blog because the author is polite, respectful and does not resort to swearing. This is quite a contrast to some other royal related blogs. This blog is both informative and enjoyable.

    • “The Duchess wore a lovely black and white ensemble topped with a prim black straw beret hat”
      ” I prefer these berets when they are embellished with something other than the awkward stem in the center (as her medium blue one is); this aside, the beret shape is a great one for the Duchess and her short hairstyle.”

      Sorry, but I don’t find this petty or snide. If you look back at the comments, most of us here usually agree with HatQueen’s assessment of the hats.

    • Hat Queen is very diligent about keeping comments civil. Not sure where you are reading snide remarks but it isn’t here.

    • The author here has an opinion but it is about the hats and never about the wearer. Very respectful indeed. Usually spot on and quite entertaining.

    • Don’t agree with you at all, Jane. I reread the item on the duchess of Gloucester and I can’t find any snide comments. I think it is a wonderful blog with lots of information. And of course the hats get comments, that is what this is all about.

    • Good question! Historically, berets were very popular in the Basque region and included this small stub in the centre. The Basque name for it, “txortena”, means “stalk”. Many French berets have adopted this quirky feature.

      I think it’s time for a post looking more in depth at royal berets…

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