Hats from the Past: 3 Garden Hats at Windsor

Royal Hats 73 years ago today, fifteen year old Princess Elizabeth and her ten year old sister Princess Margaret were photographed in a matching pair of straw hats in the garden of Windsor Castle. Europe had been at war for nearly two years; I suppose these pastoral photos were taken and released to help buoy the morale of the British public.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, July 8, 1941 | Royal Hats

The Queen Mother’s garden hat was rather marvelous, wasn’t it?!

Queen Elizabeth, July 8, 1941 | Royal Hats

Photos from Lisa Sheridan/Stringer and Lisa Sheridan/Stringer via Getty

10 thoughts on “Hats from the Past: 3 Garden Hats at Windsor

  1. Princess Margaret is already the Margaret of the future, isn’t she? While her older sister’s face seemingly still had a little changing to do. I love the Queen Mother’s hat – her dress reminds me a great deal of the styles my grandmother wore when I was a child. The Queen Mother was a bit of trendsetter for her generation of women, and despite the “news” taking its time to reach from one side of the world to the other, her fashions were noted. I recall seeing her in 1966 when I was still quite small – she went past, standing in the back of a car and waving and wearing a pale blue outfit. I was convinced her hat was covered in real pearls as I thought it was the sort of thing a Queen (or a Queen Mother as she was) should wear!

  2. Love the old pictures and the Queen Mum’s hat. So feminine. Now, I wish we could have lovely feminine hats on our Queen today.

  3. Nice to see them dressed in summer garb – so much of the war years were filled with uniforms for Elizabeth – but as it should have been. I wanted to wear a Donut Dolly coat or something in the worst way! Everywhere you looked where I lived on the West Coast of Cali, USA it was a sea of uniforms.I was still a kid (a bit younger than Margaret) but I sure remember it all really well. The girls had their photos in our news once in awhile then too.

    • Thanks so much for sharing these memories. I just love hearing people sharing their recollections from when they saw these royal hats from the past!

  4. Marvelous hats they are wearing in these pics. I especially love Queen Elizabeth’s (Queen Mum) hat. It looks like a flower garden on her head!

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