Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Derbyshire

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, took a day trip to Derbyshire today. Following visits to Matlock and Lea Mills, they were received by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire at magnificent Chatsworth House. The Queen Repeated her turquoise blue hat trimmed with hibiscus flowers fashioned from individual feathers. She removed her coat for part of the visit, giving us a view of how beautifully this hat compliments her floral print silk dress.

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The photos below show the complex shape of this hat; while it is rather angular, this angularity is softened by the two leveled top of the crown, the wide band around the bottom of the crown and the gently curved brim.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 7, 2013June 25, 2012; March 29, 2012; June 18, 2012; and June 30, 2010

Today’s host, the Duchess of Devonshire, wore a natural straw cloche with tiny brim around the sides and back of the hat. It looks like there was a silk organza bow or flower on one side of the hat.

Duchess of Devonshire, July 10, 2014 | Royal Hats

Photos from Getty as indicated and The Yorkshire Post


14 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Derbyshire

  1. Have just been looking at the pictures from the day’s events and the weather looked Glorious!! Lots of sunshine and lots of people wanting to catch a glimpse of HM. No wonder she looks happy, (having been in her beloved Scotland brightened her up no doubt too)…….But I digress…..I really like this hat when viewed from the left (and let’s face it, it has to be seen from all angles). The crown shape is really good adding interest and movement and softness as you say. And yes a new brooch, so ticks all round!!! Thanks for the fun post.

  2. Perfect outfit for the Queen (from ankles up anyway): coat fits, hat goes with coat, hat goes with dress, hat is not too tall, hat has brim, has is a bright but pleasant color and can be seen from crowd, hat has one type of decoration (hibiscus flowers), hat brim is at a slight angle but not exaggerated.
    Thanks to all who contributed such interesting links today!

    • I agree with everything you say here Snug Harbor, except that I’m getting tired of these collarless coat necklines the Queen has been wearing lately. They just don’t suit her and I think they look sloppy.

    • These two sites and several other recommended royal sites are listed here on the far left column (scroll down and look for “Blogroll”).

    • Thank you! Not much into jewellery myself, but I did not know the site ‘The Court Jeweller’ and there were loads of fascinating pictures I did not know.

  3. So this is the very close cousin of the new one she debuted at Ascot. This is another piece of that Canadian wardrobe which was such a success. Now I know it’s for discussing elsewhere ( so I shall!) but I wonder if that’s the brooch from Princess Margaret’s Persian parure… Meaning the tiara might still be in the vault. Anyways, will head to another site for that!

    Oh and sorry to be a pedant, it’s spelt Derbyshire. It’s near where I’m from (and if any of you international readers haven’t got to Chatsworth – try, it’s worth the airfare alone!!)

    • Thanks for the corrections, JamesB. I fully agree- Chatsworth is one of the jewels of England. Readers here might recognize it as the setting of Pemberly in the 2005 cinematic version of “Pride and Prejudice”.

      • oh my , oh my! Pemberly! Well, I’d look happy too if I were there! and thanks for the websites as i will enjoy them I’m sure.

  4. They both look great – we had a wonderful 3 part TV program on US Public Television last year on Chatsworth house – loved it!

    • I was hoping the “Life of Chatsworth” documentary was still available on PBS online but alas, it is not. I highly recommend it as well!

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