Seeing Double: Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is the mother of royal twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. You might be surprised to see she has another set of twins:

Flag Day, September 5, 2012 and the Opening of Parliament, October 1, 2013 

It is the same hat with tall, square wool crown and woven straw brim. The slight curve in the brims are the same, as is the double feather trim (perhaps, slightly longer feathers on the black hat). The only difference between these two Susanne Juul designed has, as far as I can tell, is the colour. Interestingly, Mary also has a third version of this same hat shape made entirely of pale pink straw. While it’s not an exact twin of the first two, it’s a closely related little sister. I have always thought this particular hat shape is a fantastic one for Princess Mary and she wears it very well.

At the start of a Skagen summer tour, August 22, 2011

Designer of all three hats: Susanne Juul

This phenomenon intrigues me to no end- are the hats purchased together? Do royals go back to their milliners and ask for another model of the same hat? What causes someone to make this choice when there are countless other hat styles and options available to them? It’s interesting to ponder, isn’t it?

* Compare the different outfits Crown Princess Mary has worn with the black version of this hat at this post

Photos from;  BestImage and Bauer Griffin

15 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Crown Princess Mary

  1. I like CP Mary’s style in general. These hats are fabulous, and I do think that it’s a great thing that she is bringing back hats as a fashion statement.

  2. I think this style shoots Mary very well. I like the plum coloured one the best of the three. She is always very stylish but also retains, I think her Australian naturalness and spark.

  3. This isn’t a hat I would go for in the abstract, as the crown seems disproportionately tall. However, It works extremely well on Mary. I particularly like the mauve version.

    • I agree with Bristol. This hat seems like it ought to look wrong, and it would make most people look to pilgrim-y. But it totally works here.

  4. She still has got the best taste in clothing of all the princesses. Always stylish and hardly gets it wrong.

  5. Love CP Mary! Those hats look fantastic on her! And, if one were to walk through HMQ Elizabeth’s hat cupboard, I’m sure we’d see scores of nearly identical hats. Even thinking about storing all the hats she owns is staggering. She needs a palace just to house her hats!

  6. What a great idea this topic! May be royals are as me, I have recently ordered my wardrobe and have for example five dark blue cardigans, pretty much the same.

    I love those hats on Mary, she rarely makes a fashion mistake. Wonderful how the light is coming through on her face.
    If I would have to choose it would be the black one, but the others are wonderful as well.

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