Birthday of Princess Victoria

Royal HatsCrown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates her 37th birthday today. Over the past two years, we have seen Victoria in very few hats as she has usually chosen feathery or floral fascinators. I’m not sure this has always been a good millinery choice for her. Instead of fussy fascinators, I would love to see Victoria embrace more substantial hat shapes that fit better with her modern, clean-lined fashion aesthetic. I think Victoria could carry off hats in interesting shapes- percher and cocktail hats that are not large in scale but architecturally interesting and without fussy embellishment. I would love to see her in something along the lines of this beauty, designed by Australian milliner Jill Humphries of Jill & Jack Millinery. The colour and the gently waved lines would be beautiful on Victoria.

Jill & Jack Millinery    Jill & Jack Millinery

That’s my pick for Crown Princess Victoria. What hat would you like to see her wear?

Photos from Jill and Jack Millinery Facebook Page

28 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Victoria

    • I usually like Jane Taylor hats but the ruffle on that hat looks like a rooster tail.

      I don’t think anyone here can top Hat Queen’s suggested turquoise fluted hat.

    • I don’t like the color but the idea is interesting. I think the blue hat suggested originally at the top would be great.

    • I like a lot of the suggestions here. The blue one in the post is interesting (without looking ridiculous) and the green cloche is cute. On that same website was a classic black and white hat that I think would look very stylish on Princess Victoria. I think she wears quite a lot of black and white.

    • I can see Princess Victoria looking really good in that green cloche hat. Not many royals wear that shape of hat.

  1. Thanks Hat Queen, I do love the blue hat you suggested. I like her in wide brimmed hats as they balance her rather pointy chin. I don’t think she suits the very small fascinators she often wears.

  2. ADORE the blue hat you suggested! I suggest a classic navy beret made modern with a veil. It’s by William Chambers

    I wanted to suggest a Swedish milliner but couldn’t find any. Can anyone recommend?

  3. Your pick is great for Vikki but I’d love to see her in something edgier. Vivienne Sheriff feathers would be fab!

  4. I think the hat you chose would be perfect. Not to frou-frou for her, and make a lovely statement. Good choice!

    • This hat and the blue one Hat Queen suggested are AMAZING. I have never heard of Jill and Jack Millinery before but their hats are perfect for a few royal heads. Victoria for sure, but also Kate and Mary who it makes sense to be wearing Aussie designed hats. LOVE!!

  5. This hat is exquisite, in shape and color. What a beautiful choice you have made! And I agree, she definitely could carry it off… I’d love to see her wearing many styles. But, as you noted, she seems not to wear them much, which is our loss!
    That being said, she has a wider jawline. I wonder if certain hats go best with certain face shapes? Or?

  6. I love that blue hat (the one Royal Hats suggested). Why don’t more royals wear hats with interesting shapes? It’s so pretty and so creative. It reminds me a Jane Corbett hat from a few years ago that would also be brilliant for Princess Victoria

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