Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Enjoy Day 1 of Commonwealth Games

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh attended the first day of competition today at the 20th Commonwealth Games. The royal couple watched the England vs Wales women’s hockey match at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre and toured the Athlete’s village. Queen Elizabeth repeated one of her Diagonal Wrapped Crown hats, a cloche style hat with domed crown that is wrapped in a tall diagonal band which towers above the crown on one side. This hat, in vibrant sky blue straw, features a spray of green and white feathers and edging around the brim in the same fabric as the Queen’s spring green coat.

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Looking at this hat today has made me change my mind about this particular hat shape. It’s interesting, it’s a wonderful mix of curves and straight edges, and it’s a good scale for Her Majesty. I like the balance of the overall outfit, where the primarily blue hat gives a lovely contrast to the primarily green coat. My only issue is with the odd white flat bow on the side of the hat which just does not seem to fit.

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Hats aside, the following photos of the Queen and Prince Philip watching the hockey match were too wonderful not to post. They looked to be sincerely enjoying themselves.

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What do you think of this unusually shaped hat?

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 23, 2012; May 20, 2011

Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Enjoy Day 1 of Commonwealth Games

  1. I follow the old adage, “Blue and green aren’t meant to be seen.” I usually don’t like blue and green together, and I think it looks too much here. I don’t mind the combination on the hat, but combined with the vivid green coat plus the busy print dress, it looks overdone in my view. The hat is way over-trimmed as usual for an AK design, though I do like the basic hat shape on the Queen. I am pleased she looks so happy and well, as does Prince Philip.

  2. To me it is not whether the white with the other colors detracts from the hat: as a matter of fact I think it makes a good contrast with the torquoise and green. I love HRH milliner; she is so good at what she does! I am sure having to come up with new color combinations, re-working styles along with having to consider all the various dynamics that go with dressing HRH is no easy feat. She does an excellent job!

  3. I guess the white bow was to accent the white feathers that are in the decorations on the hat. I like the hat overall. Perhaps I like this hat so much because blue and green is my favorite color combination.

  4. Remove the white bow and the hat is perfect! I love the shape and the colors…very good on HM, fresh and bright. That photo of QE and PP is just adorable.

    • If I saw this hat in a shop I would walk right by but it is so pretty on The Queen. Fresh and bright are good words for it.

  5. Agreed! That odd little bow makes all of the rest of the decorative elements look a bit “off.” Otherwise, the colors are fabulous!

  6. What a great modern take on a cloche. It’s not a color combination most people could wear but The Queen looks great.

    • It IS a fun and very modern interpretation of a cloche. If it was a plain cloche we’d all think it was boring and old fashioned but this is fun. You’ve got to give QE props for being game to try such different shapes.

  7. I have always liked this hat: its shape, its colors. The green on the hat goes with the coat; the white feathers on the hat go with the dress. It’s a wonderful mix, and the color combination is fantastic. I’m not sure what the thinking might be for the odd white flat bow, but it hadn’t disturbed me until you mentioned it. (AK can get a little carried away. As Coco Chanel was reputed to have said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off the last thing you put on.”)

      • Touché.
        Another version of the quote refers to “last accessory put on.” Perhaps there’s a modern version, applicable specifically for Queen Elizabeth’s clothing coordinator, that concentrates on items affixed by a glue gun.
        (There’s a lot to CC’s saying, though. How would one know whether one more item would help or hurt if one didn’t try it?)

        • It’s interesting- I do agree with Coco Chanel’s ‘less is more’ aesthetic in many ways. However, when it comes to royal hats, sometimes less isn’t enough. And sometimes, a more or ‘more’ can be fabulous (as Queen Maxima’s hat’s often are). That’s part of why I started the “this or that” feature here- to look at how different outfits or combinations or accessories can make a hat work (or not work, as the case may be).

  8. The colours are good. She is so happy that alone seems to make the hat passable. What does bother me I just figured out. The whole outfit seems too formal…overdressed…for this outing even though there likely was a formal opening. I would like to see her relaxed in her choice of clothing to match the excitement and enjoyment she is having.
    Her smile gives me a smile.

  9. I like this hat shape, I think it’s an interesting variation, and still quite unusual, and I do like the colours here (I agree about the bow, it does seem extraneous).

  10. Well, I surprised myself by liking it in that very first picture here. I just love those colors together and she just glows. But I have to agree that white bow should have been removed! Always just one too many things . In the other pictures I wonder if I’d like it better if that tall side of the wrap were a tad shorter. Thank you so much for including those other pictures of them enjoying themselves and I like that Prince Phillip is wearing that blue tie that goes with her outfit so well. What a team they are.

  11. I’m not bothered at all by the white flat bow – it ties with the white feathers fine in my mind – but the wacky super high crown on the one side is a tad iffy in a lot of the shots – I even think in one I see there is a ‘divot’ in the crown side of it!

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