Queen Máxima Opens Education Center

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands openned the Center for Educational Excellence at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg this morning. Máxima wore an ecru straw picture hat with upturned brim edged in unfinished straw fringe – the rough fringe was repeated in a band around the crown of the hat. While the shape and scale of the hat is something we have seen on Máxima many times (because it works so well on her), the unfinished straw fringe makes the hat unique and interesting. We don’t often see Queen Máxima in beige from head to toe- the rough straw trim on the hat and the trim on her dress keeps the whole outfit far from boring.  I think the whole ensemble is elegant and the roughly edged hat works rather well. What do you think?

2014-09-03 University College Roosevelt 5 250  2014-09-03 University College Roosevelt 2 250
2014-09-03 University College Roosevelt 4 250  2014-09-03 University College Roosevelt 3 250

While this hat looked familiar to me, I was not able to find it anywhere so guessed it was new (these Fabienne Delvigne unfinished straw hats have been worn by several royals and have started running together in my mind).Thanks to those of you who pointed out this is the same hat that Máxima’s mother, María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart wore for Princess Amalia’s christening in 2004. Fantastic observation! This hat was such a perfect match for Carmen’s ensemble that I can only imagine it was custom made for her at the time. I wonder if it was always meant to end up in Máxima’s millinery closet?

Embed from Getty Images

María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart in Fabienne Delvigne and Queen Beatrix in Emmy Hill, June 10, 2004

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 10, 2004

Photos from Albert Nieboer, Patrick van KatwijkAlbert Nieboer, and Albert Nieboer via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Education Center

  1. Love Max in this, she looks terrific and I agree with the comment that the outfit has warm, gold tones rather than being a flat beige. The “deconstructed” fashion – frayed edges, unfinished hems, etc – has thankfully passed on. But this hat gets the nod from me, it’s actually quite subtle. Her mum looks great in it too. The creases in Max’s dress indicate that it is a natural fabric, probably a linen judging from the photo at the top right. 100% natural fabrics always sound good, but rarely do they wear well – Diana’s silk wedding meringue, for instance.

  2. Lovely. I wish Queen Maxima would adopt me into the family as a niece or something…she’s one of my favorites and she can pull off a proper hat like few other ladies can!

  3. Wonderful outfit. It’s not beige but instead a delightful natural linen colour, warm and very, very flattering. Adore the hat. Perfect ensemble.

  4. The Mother does look stunning and the hat is perfect. The Queen’s outfit is so colourless except her fingernail colour. Looks expensive though.

  5. Wow. Well spotted people! I like it, and the dress is lovely too, but is that fabric that creases when worn, so it doesn’t look as good as it should, which is a shame, as other than that she looks fab.

    • Well done Victoria for your detective work. However, I cannot like frayed edged hats. I do like large hats on Max though and her Mum can pull off a big hat too.

  6. I like the hat on Máxima, but I actually prefer the hat on her mother. Its rough edges go so well with Máxima’s mother’s nubby coat, although the rough straw looks fine with the Queen’s outfit. Máxima’s personality allows her to pull off a huge hat.

  7. Queen Maxima wears a large hat really well. I like her in this bisque head to toe look. The only thing not to my taste, is the amount of raw edge on the hat.

  8. Time to put the light bisque shades and straws away here soon — – looks nice on her but ho hum – we have sure see a lot of this look on many now.

  9. It really is a beautiful hat, isn’t it but not new. Josine Drogendijk (modekoninginmaxima.nl) revealed that Maxima’s mother wore it on the occasion of princess Amalia’s christening in 2004.

  10. Her mother wore this hat for the chistening of Princess Catharina-Amalia in June 2004.
    They probably bought the hat together and Máxima’s mother chose to wear this hat for that occasion. After that, it returned into Máxima’s closet again, to be used again 10 years later by the Queen herself.

    • Thanks well spotted! I do not like hats with frayed edging, as they always remind me of the hat of a friend of mine that got chewed up by her dog. I think Max’s Mum looks better in the hat than she does. I think it is time to retire this look. Max’s dress is also horribly creased.

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