How to Pick A Hat

Royal Hats  A number of readers have been patiently waiting for answers to their millinery questions. Linda recently wrote:

I love following royal hats and seeing the ways royal women of all ages flawlessly wear hats with their daily working wardrobes. I would like to wear more hats myself but every time I try on a hat I look downright frumpy. How can I find and wear a hat that makes me look as great as the royals do?

Great question, Linda. British Milliner Ian Philip Wright offers some tips (and a wonderful definition of a ‘fascinator’) for you here:

American retailer Marilyn Hellman offers some more tips to help you choose a hat that works for you.

I hope this helps!

One thought on “How to Pick A Hat

  1. Thank you HatQueen! And thanks to Linda for the question too! Those videos were brilliant. I particularly liked hearing Ian Phillip Wright describe his process and seeing the model try on different hats with the same dress. I adored that black beret.

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