Danish Royals Commemorate Flag Day

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attended Flag Day commemorations today, honoring and remembering Danish military who served abroad, were wounded or lost their lives in service. For this event, Princess Mary repeated her tan straw calot hat with side looped bow. It is not the first hat I would have instinctively pared with her ensemble but it added a light touch to the whole look and coordinated well with her skirt. Her hairstyle certainly showed off the hat well. This is the fourth ensemble we have seen paired with this hat- hop over to this post to discuss which pairing is your favourite.

Designer: Susanne Juul. Hugo Boss top, H&M Skirt
Previously Worn: May 10, 2012; October 4, 2011; June 6, 2010

Photos from Hanne Juul 

9 thoughts on “Danish Royals Commemorate Flag Day

  1. I think she looks wonderful. Her outfit is muted and elegant, entirely appropriate for this event. I am a fan of the hat – lovely and her hairdo was so classy.

  2. Big fan of Mary, but boy do I dislike that top with the skirt, or that skirt with the top. Something’s not right, maybe a fabric clash, matte with gloss, heavy with light … or something. It kind of hangs together and the hat is cute. Love Fred’s long coat, looks good.

    • I agree sandra. I do like the hat and the hairdo, Mary looks good in a calot style, and i also like the accessories, but the top and skirt don’t really seem to go together or work in with the rest of her look. Fred’s coat is great.

  3. I love the skirt but I had to check several sites to pin down the actual colours of it as even in the three examples above are three different colours. However, while I couldn’t nail it down what I could see was black in the skirt, so OK, and another hit for Mary. You certainly can’t say she doesn’t get value for money.

  4. Princess Mary has such magnificent posture that she looks elegant and refined no matter what she wears. This black top rather clashes with the colors in the skirt, but the skirt and the accessories are beautiful together.

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