Danish Queen Opens Research Institute

On Tuesday, Queen Margrethe officially opened the new headquarters of the Danish Meat Research Institute in Taastrup. For this engagement, she repeated a navy hat with Bowler-style crown and a short brim that gently curled up on one side; the hat brim and band around the crown were trimmed in the same fabric as her checked dress. While this hat and dress were clearly made to go together, I think it is overly matched. I suspect simple white trim (similar to this hat, also in Queen Margrethe’s millinery closet) might have been a better compliment. What do you think?

Queen Margrethe, September 23, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, September 23, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, September 23, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 6, 2009August 23, 2009; July 6, 2009; 

Photos from Bjørn Armbjørn via SN.dk

12 thoughts on “Danish Queen Opens Research Institute

  1. I tend to think that most of the Danish Queen ‘s hats are appealing, but not spectacular. I like her nautical theme for a lot of her hats and clothes. Perhaps she needs to be more bold with her hat choices.

  2. I do like the hat and I considered if the trim wasn’t on the ribbon too, but then it would look like a sombrero, and I wouldn’t like that. I like the shape and size on her very much. I can’t imagine having a hat for one outfit, but there it is!

  3. I like the hat very much but I might like it better if the trim were only around the brim and not around the ribbon. Maybe. Overall, I like it!

  4. Margrethe tends to wear perfectly serviceable hats – workmanlike for her job – but not in the least exciting. The sort of thing that someone who was in the habit of wearing hats to church every week would wear repeatedly with no problem and no chance of being over the top. She clearly doesn’t relish the chance that royal engagements give her of wearing more exciting examples as some other royal ladies do. In that context, I think the trim on this hat raises it above the usual standard issue look! I like it. It does match, but on the other hand, Margrethe’s hats very often do match very literally with her outfits, and this is a more attractive example than usual!

  5. I quite like the hat, with the checked trim. If I had to change anything, it would be the dress. (The hat would do just fine with a solid navy dress.)

    • I also like the checked trim but I really like the other navy and white hat better. I guess Queen Margrethe wears hats often enough that it makes sense for her to get a hat matched to one dress. I always think about how many different things I can match to the same hat so that I get enough wear out of it but I guess Queen’s don’t have to worry about that!

  6. I like the shape and color of the hat, and I don’t mind the trim too much. It’s the dress that gets me, but again, she likes what she likes, and she likes to be comfortable. She is probably one of the few Royal ladies that isn’t a slave to fashion, and I like that about her. Her clothes and hair are never overly done. They are age appropriate, and she always looks cheerful and engaged in what is going on. For her the event is important, not the clothes.

  7. Yep, I like it too! I think there’s enough of the block blue in the hat for it not to look too swamped in check, and just enough of the check trim to embellish, not overpower. I think that little flap/button feature is something different and interesting and the hat is a pleasant shape and size. People have often commented that they like Queen Margrethe in red, for mine I’d like to add navy to that list. Previous outings were listed as 3 in quick succession 5 years ago. Wonder if that trend will be repeated this year….. Thanks.

  8. I like the trim and don’t find it too much. I note the trim on the hem of this dress too. This hat is definitely made to go with this dress. I am intrigued by the Queen’s brooch.

  9. I like the hat very much, the colour, the shape, everything. It is one of the few I like on Margrethe,
    I don’t mind about being matchy.

  10. It’s passable for me, despite the matchy, matchy — she’s older like me and while I don’t matchy things like this, I well remember when that was OK — something about this reminds me of nautical and seems I recall after she has been on their tours where she wears a lot of nautical, she tends to replay that theme a bit once landed back at home. Not sure why I noticed this and maybe I am wrong. Curious if anyone else noticed her perchant for nautical looks.

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