9 thoughts on “How It’s Made: A Wright Hat

  1. A long video, this is marvelous! Thank you for bringing it to our attention, not only its emphasis on the complicated technique but on the psychology behind designing and fitting an appropriate hat. It would be interesting to see videos of Queen Elizabeth’s (or others’) reaction to a mirror image of herself trying on a new outfit and hat. That initial upturn of the mouth or (conversely) slightly glazed-over scowl would tell so much!

  2. Such an interesting video! I knew that handmade hats were complicated to make, bit had no idea how they made them. Such craftmanship is rare anymore, but then I’m sure the price reflects the quality of these handmade beauties.

  3. Thanks for this link, it was fascinating. I am in awe of the lady who sewed everything so skillfully (and fast!) on the machine!

  4. That was fascinating. I had no idea how a hat was made, and Mr. Wright and his staff were delightful. I could have watched that for a lot longer than it was. I really liked a lot of the hats that were shown, I could see real people wearing them, and treasuring them. I was never a hat person until Princess Diana, and then I loved all her early hats. The later ones not so much. I am picky about hats even though I rarely wear them, and I love to see what our royals are wearing. I especially enjoy Camilla’s and some of the younger royals from other countries. I coveted at least thre fourths of the hats that Mr. wright had displayed! Such gorgeous shapes and colors.

  5. That was so interesting! I imagine that Queen Elizabeth’s hats which are often made of fabric are made in a similar way. I could actually see her wearing the pink and green hat!

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