Queen Elizabeth in Scotland

Reader Lex was able to locate a photo of Queen Elizabeth en route to church at Crathie Kirk last Sunday. The Queen wore a grey straw hat we have not seen on her since its debut, also in Scotland, two years ago. The hat is clearly designed to coordinate with the Queen’s black and white bouclé suit, with this fabric used as a band around the crown and edging on the brim. The squared cloche shape is one we have seen many times on Her Majesty (it works well for her) and the feather trim adds a little whimsy.  I could do without the edging around the brim but aside from that, this looks to be a fine hat. What is your reaction to this hat?

Sep 21, 2014 in AK | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown. The fabric edging around the brim is a touch Angela Kelly often uses
Previously Worn: September 7, 2012

Photo from Reuters

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth in Scotland

  1. I like the hat in general, but I would like it better without the fabric on the crown. It would have been enough on the brim. Overall, though, it looks nice.

  2. I like this hat very much on Her Majesty and when seen with the outfit, I don’t believe it is too matchy at all. I like the shape of these hats on the Queen and I like the little piece of black cord for contrast and the fluff of feathers. Nice job. Like others I am applauding the shorter jacket. Very nice all round.

  3. Well, congratulations to Lex! (What’s your secret?) I don’t see why it’s so hard to find pictures of the Queen this summer. Usually her Sunday church attendance is well photographed.
    I like this outfit, particularly since it has a short jacket. Since the dress/jacket material is included on the hat, it obviously matches; but since the bouclé doesn’t cover the entire hat, there’s some variety, and the feather trim is a welcome addition.
    I believe the Queen’s worn the dress at a couple of investitures in 2013, but it’s nice to see the hat again.
    Lex, I hope you have your eagle eyes out for tomorrow morning’s church service!

    • Thank you, Snug Harbour. It is hard to find pictures of HM during this summer. Usually in the past few years, agencies such as Press Association, Rex Features and sometimes even Getty Images have shots of her & other members of the Royal Family arriving at Crathie for Sunday church services but this summer in particular, there were very limited photo access, with photos coming from only small agencies and I believe with at least 2 Sundays have gone without any pic.

      Thank you praising me too much btw, I got no secret really, 🙂 it just happens that I have been a fan of HM in particular for 16 years already since 1998 and I’ve been lucky enough to have the memory to remember the majority of her hat outings.

  4. She’s a star. I love the way she looks: like a very pleasant and sophisticated grandmother. I agree with your assessment of the hat. A little too much of the trim, but the hat itself is an interesting color, and a good shape for her.

  5. I like the outfit but there is a bit too much trim on the hat for my taste. Thanks for the link HatQueen, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Queen’s favourite Shetland pony retiring after 19 years of devoted military service.

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