Princess Beatrix Opens Shelter

Last Friday, Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands opened the Majoor Bosshardt Burgh homeless shelter in Amsterdam. For this event, she repeated her black straw hat with flat, rolled brim and patent leather band around the crown. Princess Beatrix has a few hats in this shape- a shape that looks like the hat has square crown but in reality, has a tall straw wrap around a domed crown. The shape is architecturally interesting and the patent leather trim is (dare I say) a little edgy for a royal hat. It’s not my favourite of hats but it is interesting, don’t you think?

Princess Beatrix, October 3, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Beatrix, October 3, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: my guess is Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: June 12, 2014February 12, 2014;  March 12, 2013January 22, 2013October 29, 2011May 4, 2009; October 27, 2007

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

11 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Opens Shelter

  1. I actually like this hat much more than the stacked cake or birds nest hats that P. Beatrix often wears. I like that there is straw visible which gives it some lightness and relief from the black patent leather trim. I think it’s okay. But….I must say I am particularly taken with the suit she is wearing. I think it’s REALLY stylish- the metallic fabric goes so well with the shine of the hat and I just love that pretty black trim around the neckline and then again (double) on those classic Beatrix sleeves. Winner….a complete look. Lovely.

  2. The former Queen always looks classy and elegant and regal. Her outfit is spot on. The hat is hard to wear for most ordinary people, but the shape is definitely architecturally interesting and she has access to hairdressers who can create the right hairdo to stand up to such a major hat statement.

  3. I am not generally a fan of Beatrix’s choice of hats, but they suit her and she likes them….and they are, at least, proper hats. This one isn’t bad…the patent band is a nice change for her and adds pop to a (relatively) simple black hat.

  4. Her hats almost always look too big; maybe to keep them from crushing her hairdo, but that smile makes you forget the hat. She is in a class by herself. She is a wonderful lady.

    • Princess Beatrix’s hairdo is amazing — and always perfect. It it takes a hat too big, it’s worth it. I’m not too keen on the hat’s black patent band, but it’s an attractive outfit, and her style is instantly recognizable.

  5. Her hats are so uniquely Bea! I hope in years to come, history of fashion halls treat her kind. I could see where her hat look will maybe not stand up well say in a 30 years from now retrospect and folks have lost touch with what was her personality that her hats so well capture for us all today.

    • Yes, you said what I had a hard time trying to figure out what was wrong with this hat, it looks top heavy to me. Other then that, she looks wonderful and it is so nice to see her out doing what she loves best……….meeting and greeting the people.

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