Japanese Royal Wedding Reception

While they were formally married in a traditional ceremony at at the Izumo Taisha grand shrine on Sunday, Noriko Senge (formerly Princess Noriko of Takamado) and her new husband Kunimaro celebrated their wedding with a reception this evening at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. For this celebration, Mrs. Senge added a diamond brooch to her hair and small diamond earrings. She looks tranquilly beautiful, doesn’t she?

Noriko Senge, October 8, 2014 | Royal HatsFor more information and photos (including pictures of the Crown Prince and Princess who attended the reception) see this post at The Imperial Family Of Japan blog. 

7 thoughts on “Japanese Royal Wedding Reception

  1. Her necklace seems like one of the convertible tiaras, while her headband seems like a dark (black pearl?) reverse of the usual pearl +/or diamond tiaras of the Japanese Royal Family. Also the diamond bracelet on her left wrist, the diamond hair clip, and earrings -oh my heavens, the bling factor here! Wonder which one was a present from the groom…But the 80’s are calling -they want Masako’s dress back. So disappointing, especially after her magnificent outfits for the Dutch investiture events.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and breath taking. The hair, the jewels, the dress, the makeup: sheer perfection. She is tiny, and she knows how to dress for her shape with the most wonderful clothes. Never anything overpowering or far out. The Japanese Royal ladies are always elegant and restrained. No weird ensembles for them.

  3. Radiant is the beautiful bride……………she looks so beautiful and I love the diamond hair clip, and her gown is just amazing. I love the sleeves and all the lace. Her hair, up like that shows her pretty face and her make-up if perfect. A perfectly beautiful lady.

  4. What an elegant and restrained up do. Gorgeous. I also particularly like the scalloped (almost cap) sleeves on the gown. Nice pictures. Thankyou.

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