British Royals Welcome Singapore State Visit

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh welcomed the President of Singapore, Tony Tan Keng Yam and his wife, Mary Chee Bee Kiang, on a state visit to Great Britain today. The Queen used this occasion to debut a new hat in navy straw, trimmed with a pink silk rose to coordinate with the rose print of her dress. The shape of this navy straw hat is leaving me scratching my own head a little- after staring at it for a while, I think there is a wide band of straw wrapped around the crown of this hat which adds dimension and a slight hourglass shape to the crown. The navy straw is repeated curled tails around the rosette trim. I really like the interesting shape and the gently angled brim, which perfectly frames Her Majesty’s face. I just wonder if the rosette and curling tails might have worked better on the side of the hat instead of the front? Either way, it’s an unexpected and interesting hat that will no doubt, give us much to discuss.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat & dress are Karl Ludwig Couture

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her dove grey wool percher cocktail hat trimmed with large multi-looped organdie bow. The unique shape of this hat, with its gently waved base, is such a departure from other hat shapes that it becomes rather distinctive, despite the neutral colour. Kate’s hairstyle today, in a low and polished ponytail, works beautifully with this hat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Coat is Alexander McQueen.
Previously Worn: April 20, 2014

I adore that both Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge chose hats today in rather unusual shapes. These little style departures make hat watching for us all the more fun, don’t they?. What are your thoughts on this pair of British royal hats?

Photos from Getty as indicated

36 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome Singapore State Visit

  1. I’m on the fence about both outfits and their choice in hats. I really liked the Queen’s outfit. The dark blue was a great choice in colour for both her hat and coat. It compliments her skin tone really well and it looks good. I’m conflicted about the hat. I read some comments and I agree with a few people. I like the hat and the different shapes it has. It looks different in each picture. I do agree with a few people about the flower and those leaves; they look really inexpensive and the flower looks crushed. I’m again conflicted because I like the colour that it gives to the outfit and the matching with Her Majesty’s dress underneath. Also, I think that the Duke of Edinburgh’s tie is green so it works together with the leaves on QEII’s hat.

    Catherine is back! I am very happy that she is feeling good enough to resume some royal duties, the past few days are evident of that. When she stepped out with that outfit it all looked so…grey. I like her hat but I think she should have worn her hair down or at least half up. It would add some colour to the grey. The unusual shape, like the queen’s, adds something unique to what would be a regular addition to the outfit. The streamlined jacket partnered well with the wavy, unique shape of the hat.

    I did want to say that I liked your article. It was interesting and informative. Love the blog!

  2. I think the Duchess looks beautiful and well put together. I love this gray hat. but prefer it with the partial up-do that she wore with it at Easter.

  3. The navy really is fantastic on HM, and given that this sort of greeting ceremony is a relatively small — where she doesnt need to be picked out of a crowd of hundreds or thousands, it works wonderfully well. The coat is elegant, and the dress amusing. MrFitzroy hopes we see this striking outfit more in the future.

    The hat really is one of those fabulous (and rare), patented “Kelly Contradictions”, isnt it? If one examines each of the individual elements, it fails — straw gauze not really autumn appropriate, overly fussy shape, the streamers, the inexpensive looking leaves (and too many of them). The flower placement that seems fine from some angles, and blindly mashed on from others… And yet, it works, it’s actually pretty darn fabulous.
    Part if it is HM (well most of it actually) who looks particularly fetching and relaxed today. Part of it is the navy — which is blending and concealing some of the sins that would glare in magenta or other bright tones. But mostly, somehow, the sum of the parts are wonderful!

    It’s good to see the Duchess of Cambridge back out and about, let’s hope the better health continues for her!

  4. Love the navy and pink together on HM, and I *adore* the texture of the coat. Just not sure that straw is the right material for a hat paired with this coat? There’s something off about it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The tails are too wide? Needs a few buds to balance out the big rose or something else pink on there? It could be something but just misses the mark slightly. Kate’s hat is lovely and I’m glad to see it again. I prefer it with this coat than the one worn on Easter in Australia, this coat seems to give the hat more presence. Also glad to see she’s feeling well enough again to be on duty!

  5. I like both hats, although wish, as someone else said, that maybe there was more than one flower on HM’s. It’s odd that some of the leaves are underneath the wrapping. The wrapping is interesting and the colour of the flower lovely, just not positioned quite right (whereas two roses might have made the difference – not often we encourage more from Ms Kelly).

    I’m just pleased to see Kate well enough to be out. She looks lovely, despite everything she’s gone/is going through. I like her hat and coat, only quibble is I wish she’d let her coat hemlines go just below her knee, a tad more class. Just above her knee, as here, is youthful, but not quite befitting her position, IMHO.

  6. I like HM’s hat, especially the crown and the brim. I appreciate that she is breaking up all of that navy with a flower, but I wish the flower was simply smaller. Or, perhaps, a cluster of small flowers of the same color. She seems to like a fun hat… all of those mad hatter styles, right?! Still, she looks lovely. I really like the coat!

    The Duchess looks wonderful. So nice to see her out and about! I like the hat. I liked it on its first outing as well. Is it supposed to be worn so very far forward? It looks like it’s almost in her eye! Still, it goes perfectly with her new coat-dress, which, in fact, looks spectacular.

    Thumbs up to both!

  7. The Queen is her usual well dressed lady. I think Kate looks very nice, but the shape of the hat is not a personal favorite of mine. The shade of grey is very pretty.
    Perhaps, I just haven’t been a regular at RHB, for long enough (@ 6 months), but there seems to be an increase in comments. Not sure if this is because people are so busy in the summer months, or if other RHB fans have found this lovely site. There seem to be a great number of well thought out comments and people posting who keep the comments constructive & kind.

  8. Absolutely love the Queen’s outfit and hat. That pop of rose color with the navy is just stunning and she looks lovely! Rather playful, I think! Catherine’s outfit is just fabulous. The hat is okay; I’d have liked her hairstyle either down, or in a chignon. Both ladies are pretty close to perfect!

  9. I like both hats. The Queen dresses so quietly, it is fun that she has her hats so ornamented. The Queen’s hat seems to me to have the whole crown wrapped so I cannot see it. I really like Catherine’s outfit. Her hair is quite pouffed at the back, which is why it is covering her ears, I expect. Are we headded back to 1960’s bouffant hairdos to go with the pillbox hats and the clean cut suits? I love the MacQueen coat. It is interesting that someone suggested it photographs badly. Thank you for all your comments.


  10. Her Maj looks great. I like the pop of color but I think it would have been better positioned closer to the outside corner of her right eye. On principal I find it very hard to criticize her for anything. I find the shade of Kate’s hat to be just a tad boring with this coat. Although I like her hair in a ponytail with a hat like this, I don’t like the ponytail worn so loose that her hair covers her ears. It’s not my favorite view from the front. That being said, thumbs up to both ladies!

  11. I find this quite a departure for HM, it’s a new type or ornamentation for her, and I like it a lot. The navy is very chic, an quite surprising as she normally avoids dark colours.

    Good to see Kate back out and about. She looks elegant though it’s her tried and tested formula. Still, it’s harsh to pick holes, the woman has clearly been very unwell. Good to see her and William takin a more central role in these key events too. Hopefully she’ll get on the list for a tiara event soon!

  12. I like the Queen’s hat very much – it’s almost a double-sided version of the wrapped crown design, isn’t it? Only being in straw the wrapping is less substantial than the previous versions we’ve seen. Navy is a very unusual colour on the Queen, and works beautifully. I’d probably have put the pink flower a little to one side, but it does need that colour contrast to succeed.

    I like this little hat of Kate’s, the shape makes it slightly more interesting than her usual percher hats / berets. I would have said I’d always be delighted to see her hair back / up, but actually, I don’t like it like this! I much prefer the half-back style that she used on the hat’s last appearance.

  13. I like the Queen’s hat and I also like Catherine’s outfit very much. Personally I would have preferred her beautiful hat to be worn with a chignon hair style.

    • I’m just glad she tied her hair back instead of it getting in the way as usual. I noticed how the wind caught her skirt, luckily she was wearing something underneath this time.

  14. Sometimes I think the Queen looks more modern and beautiful
    than Catherine. I absolutely adore the Queen’s hat. The colour, the shape, the size. How it combines with her outfit. Catherine’s hat looks boring, and not flattering at all (like a baseball cap, I agree).

  15. Without reservations I think the Queen looks fabulous! Also I am so delighted to see the Duchess of Cambridge back on deck that I wouldn’t complain if she was wearing a baseball cap. I hope she can now enjoy the rest of her pregnancy in comfort and good health and that the outing put a little colour in her cheeks. Hats and clothes don’t matter compared with good health.

  16. As Jane says, No to both……….I agree with her completely. Catherine looked tired and washed out in gray, not a good color on her.

    • Poor thing, Kate doesn’t look well at all. Not sure a bright color would have been any better or just made her look even paler than she is. No question she’s been a sick little lamb.

  17. Not a fan of the front view of Catherine with this hat. It appears she has a pouf over each ear, and her neck looks giraffy. I liked it better with hair half up and half down, as it was at Easter.

  18. I love Queen Elizabeth’s beautifully-fitted navy coat and the brightly printed dress. The concept of the hat is typical for the Queen: hat is color of coat (although since it’s straw rather than coat fabric it photographs a little off), hat decoration is inspired by pattern in the dress. But that first, straight-on picture of the Queen is just bizarre: it’s difficult to tell what one’s looking at, beside at the pink miner’s lamp, anyway. The various twists and turns on the side away from Prince Philip give the hat an incomprehensible shape. The other photos, even the close-ups, are more flattering. This is not a standard AK design (although her characteristic over-embellishments may be part of the problem).
    The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat looks nice from all angles, but the fabric of the dress, although beautifully matched and fitted, does not photograph well.

    • LOVE Kate’s hat with this coat. The pale grey is so chic with the black and white plaid. That coat is a masterpiece. Do you see that in EVERY single seam, the plaid lines up?! That only happens in couture.

  19. While I love the fabulous pop of colour on HM hat i wish it were s little smaller and placed within the furls of the hat. but more to the side, otherwise it has that whole “miner’s lamp” deal mentioned above. That being said, I think the entire ensemble is one of the very best and most elegant I have seen on her in years. Moreover, the hat is one of the most intriguing ones I have seen her wear.

    Ah, Catherine’s hat; I think the placement on her head is a vast improvement but, to be honest, you could have put it anywhere and it would have been an improvement over is previous perch on flopsy hair. The “ponytail” is terrific . . . oh great heavens I cannot believe that I would wax lyrical over a ponytail, but that’s as good as it gets with our Catherine. As to the colour of the hat . . . big miss as it seems to sap what little colour she has (blush brush not withstanding).

  20. I would prefer that rose to be placed elsewhere on the hat, so to look less like a miner’s headlamp, and lose the other frufru ends of straw, that curl around a look messy. Catherine appears neat, pollished and her hat is lovely. Once again she dressed trespectfully to not take the spotlight from the Queen. .

  21. Love HM’s total outfit – loving the navy & pink combination – so elegant! As for Catherine’s outfit – this type of pattern doesn’t photograph well BUT because she has her hair tied back elegantly (at last!), all is forgiven! Why, though, does she have to wear such high heels?? She is not short and when she is near HM, she towers over her!

  22. Hello! I have always loved this blog and have been an avid follower from the beginning. I have finally gotten the courage to comment!

    I absolutely love both of these hats. For QEII, I think this color combo and quirky shape are fabulous together. She looks radiant! For the Duchess, I can’t decide which coat the hat looks better with. I think the color matches better with this patterned look, but I like how the lines of the Sydney Easter coat worked with hat. Both great looks at the end!

    • Welcome, Rose! I am always humbled and very happy to meet another reader. I think we’re going to have to face off Kate’s hat today with the two coats and look at them side by side to see which outfit works best with the hat. Stay tuned for this later this week!

  23. Well-suited shapes and colors for them both. I am a bit mystified by HM’s choice of straw this time of year, and find the complex bow plus flower to be a little much. As for DoC, I think the placement was just a little bit better the first time. Loving both of their coats.

  24. QEII looks great – only sort of liking Kate’s hat however. It’s a tad better improvement over all those she had worn before with the heavier wide bows/bow ties on top of them that look like large curls of chocolate atop a cake.

  25. I really like the pop of pink on Her Majesty’s hat that lifts it out of the ordinary. I am so thrilled to see the Duchess with her hair tied back that I could forgive her any hat (almost!)

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