British Royals Visit Science Museum

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the “Information Age” exhibition at the British Science Museum. For this visit, where the Queen watched part of her coronation on a television set from that era and sent her first ‘tweet’, the Queen repeated her sky blue wool hat with feathered chrysanthemum trim. I continue to have a change of heart about this hat (first seen at Prince George’s christening last year) because the colour is so lovely on Her Majesty and the feathery flower trim works so well. When I see pictures of it like these ones today, it’s easy to forget it still has that awful seam in the back). From the front however, it looks great on Queen Elizabeth.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. The handmade feather flowers were made by Stella McLaren.  
Previously Worn: April 8, 2014; October 23, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Science Museum

  1. I love the color and the trim. I couldn’t get all the pictures to load, so I don’t know what that awful seam looks like. Since this is the queen, I am going to pretend there isn’t a seam that distracts people, and count myself lucky to have missed it.

  2. I like this hat, it’s a lovely colour. And (assuming that the two are always worn at the same time) I actually think the seam is a clever and unusual way of tying the hat and the coat together!

  3. The first two pictures show the hat’s embellishment in detail, and it’s much more attractive than I had thought originally. Goes perfectly with the paisley dress. The increasing upturn to the crown and to the brim make this an interesting, attractive hat, and this shade of blue makes this a perfect working outfit for the Queen. (Had that first picture at the christening not appeared, we never would have known about that back seam.)

    • I agree with you Snug Harbor, but alas, I cannot forget that awful vertical seam at the back of the hat. It looked so amateurish.

  4. Smashing hat! Love the shape, color and embellishment. I had to click back to the Christening post to see the seam on the back, and yes, it is annoying, but doesn’t ruin the hat — for me, anyway.

    I think Her Majesty looks very nice in this outfit!

  5. This color is beautiful on the Queen. I wasn’t distracted by the adornment on the hat, just fascinated with the gorgeous color of her suit and hat.

  6. The color is great (Loved your tweet- I didn’t notice that the hat is in “twitter blue”!!) but it looks overly fuzzy and that ruins it for me. Is it me or is this hat made of extra fuzzy material?

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