European Royals Remember Battle of Ypres

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Princess Lalla Meryam of Morocco and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands joined the King and Queen of Belgium today in Nieuwpoort to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WWI Battle of Ypres. Queen Mathilde debuted a new hat that looked, from the side, to be a stacked calot hat in charcoal grey silk. Upon closer inspection, this hat was not a hat at all but a pair of open rings that circled the crown of Mathilde’s head. I know that designer Fabienne Delvigne uses this shape to convey the light and airy aesthetic that is central to her designs but I can’t see a time when rings-around-a-Queen’s-head seems like a good idea.
Queen Mathilde, October 28, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Princess Beatrix also debuted a new hat in black and gold layered straw. The shape of this hat, with a square crown and upfolded brim, is one we have seen on Beatrix before; what sets this hat apart is the black-on-gold layered band around the crown and stripe around the brim. This trim gives the hat so much texture and interest while not compromising its clean lines. I just wish the crown wasn’t so high.

Queen Mathilde and Princess Beatrix, October 28, 2014 | Royal Hats
Designer: unconfirmed. I suspect Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: This is a new hat
100th Anniversary of the Battle of Ypres, October 28, 2014 | Royal Hats

Princess Lalla Meryam (above right) did not wear a hat. If I were forced to choose a favourite hat today, it would be the black and gold straw piece worn by Princess Beatrix. I just can’t feel much love for Mathilde’s open-crowned hats.

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13 thoughts on “European Royals Remember Battle of Ypres

  1. Both fairly predictable from these two royal ladies. Queen Mathilde’s hat, from the front, looks like a very interesting layered pillbox. Then she turns and we see that it is yet another open top topper. I like it better than the loose ‘bandage’ hats. I would *like* it to be a layered pillbox!

    Princess Beatrix knows what she likes and wears it. Good for her. I like the visual interest in the gold trim. Perhaps a shade tall…
    Yes, predictable and acceptable.

  2. I do not like these open crown hats that Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima wear, and I do not feel they are flattering to either royal lady. I prefer them both wearing brimmed hats. The grey color does not suit her at all. I know it is a solemn event, but there are even better shades of grey out there that do not drain the color from your face so much. I do not like all the layers on the coat dangling down either. She looks better in sharply tailored suits and coats, that flatter her good figure.

    Princess Beatrix’s hat has a crown that is a bit too tall. She does have the ability to carry the huge hats but this crown is just too tall for the proportions of this hat.

  3. I hate Queen Mathilde’s stacked calot hat, as it just looks like it was made by an amateur who stacked 2 hairbands one on top of the other, and the charcoal grey color of the entire outfit looks drab and does nothing for her coloring at all. I prefer Princess Beatrix’s hat and outfit, though I do think she has done this style of hat to death!

  4. Yes, I agree with several of the commentators – among the not-very-appealing class of open-ring hats, this one is really quite attractive!

  5. I like both hats. I am always happy to see Princess Beatrix. She never disappoints me! I might change my opinion of Queen Mathilde’s hat if I saw it from the back, but from what I can see she looks lovely.

  6. I am really liking the ring hats that Mathilde and Maxima wear. They look so nice from so many angles. Their softness appeals to me.

  7. IMHO, Mathilde’s rings go very well with the overall impression of humble elegance. Yes, they are unusual, but they are fine. Princess Beatrix goes the proven way, congratulations!

  8. Beatrix’s style of hat is almost expected, and it still looks very becoming and she never disappoints. Maybe if I saw Mathilde’s hat from the back I’d have a different opinion of the open circled hat. If I was going to comment on anything, it would be the fit of the cape Mathilde is wearing. While sitting, there doesn’t appear to be a problem, but in the photo where she is standing, the cape looks very misshapen. Mathilde always looks impeccably groomed.

      • I was about to say the same thing! But could we still like it if we saw it straight on from the back?! Probably not!

        I like how Mathilde’s hat coordinates with her suit and coat/cape thing. She looks so elegant.

      • I agree. Although I rarely like these open-air affairs, these rings look surprisingly attractive (from the side, at least) and add interest to the somber aspect of the ceremony.
        Princess Beatrix’s hat looks true to form. I suspect we’ll see it again with an outfit that highlights the black-on-gold trim.

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