Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Wolverhampton

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Wolverhampton today where they openned the new Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre and paid a visit to International Security Printers to view their work on specialist postage stamps. For these engagements, the Queen repeated a her turquoise hat with velvet flower trim. I adore the colour of this piece and think the jauntily upturned brim frames Her Majesty’s face so well. The velvet flowers also add great texture to this piece.

The photo below awards us our first good view of the inside of this hat’s brim, which appears to be covered in the same fabric as the Queen’s dress. I don’t often like Queen Elizabeth’s fabric covered hats (I prefer the subtle texture and sheen of a straw or wool felt hat) but this hat is wonderful. My only qualm about the ensemble is the open neckline on the coat. The first time we saw this hat, on Christmas Day in 2012, the Queen added a fur stole around her neck which worked beautifully. The more open neck, in comparison, falls a little flat. What do you think?

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Nov. 8, 2013Dec. 25, 2012

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11 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in Wolverhampton

  1. Ahh, I like this outfit today. It actually looks really good on video, more so than a stand alone picture. I was a little taken aback with the zigzag but it adds a certain element that separates it from the other turquoise coats (as Snug Harbor points out). Just enough dress peeping out to break it up. I really like the hat, with the flowers being taken from the dress print and in a slightly different tone from the base colour to highlight them. The slanted brim is really good. All in all, good job.

  2. I love this outfit and hat on the British Queen. Turquoise definitely makes her shine. I don’t like low necklines on coats, though at least in this case it showcases the dress underneath and her beautiful pearls. I can’t say I like the brooch, it looks like costume jewelry. The Duke looks good and he has a blue tie to compliment his wife’s outfit, which is sweet.

  3. I really like this hat on Her Majesty. The colour is wonderful and the flowers add a nice interest. I liked the fur neckpiece that she chose to wear at Christmas as a better neckline, but probably it would be entirely too warm for indoor activates such as she was undertaking today. The styled front of the coat is better than the straight ho-hum lines that most coats have. I feel it adds a nice change to the usual style.

  4. I like this one enough but it’s not a favourite. I really dislike the zigzag on the coat though, it just feels a bit like someone saying ‘I’ve got an idea!’

    • Precisely! Someone was trying to differentiate this turquoise coat from all the others (no small feat).
      I don’t understand why this coat material was selected for this dress; they’re quite different and not particularly complementary shades of turquoise. The hat had does a formidable shop of putting the two turquoises together, but the whole ensemble, although a satisfactory working outfit for the Queen, is somewhat underwhelming.

  5. I’ve given up trying to decide if I like the zigzag front on the coat, kinda. The hat is fantastic and the colour great on HM. Not sure about the brooch though, but perhaps it has some context significance.

  6. I love to see the Queen and the Duke out together. I do like the color of this outfit and she looks amazing. I can’t believe the number of engagements that this Royal couple carries out in the course of a year. They are simply amazing, and they look great.

  7. Knowing how ladies of a certain age are often very aware of their necks, I know the question of neckline is an ongoing dilemma. The fur stole does look cosy but it’s so high, Her Majesty appears slightly choked. A slightly looser wrapping may have been better. Perhaps HM feels a lower, flatter neckline extends her length a bit, a consideration given her diminutive stature? Or she likes to see her ever present three strands of pearls or a bit of both? Apart from that, the hat’s shape and colour (which highlights her beautiful skin) are absolutely wonderful on her. The monotone aspect does serve to lengthen her overall appearance and is a formula she clearly likes. When something works, you tend to repeat it. At her age, to look so pulled together ALL the time, is nothing short of a miracle. I know she has lots of help to that end, but STILL!

    • Yes. I think she looks as smart as paint especially in the fourth photo which shows the jaunty brim of her hat to advantage. I like the narrower brim too for a change. Also the flowers on her hat look as if they are made from the same material as her dress or someone has done a careful matching job. This pulled together look takes time, effort and discipline from the Queen as well as her “team”. I am full of admiration for her energy and commitment.

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