Spanish Monarchs on Introductory Visit to Belgium

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain paid an introductory visit to their counterparts in Belgium today.

Belgian and Spanish monarchs, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats

For this visit, Queen Mathilde debuted a beautiful new headpiece of teal, navy and peacock blue feathers that I absolutely adore. Dark blue is always a wonderful compliment to emerald green and this headpiece, along with Mathilde’s dark blue purse, shoes and gloves, looked fantastic against her green coat dress. I suspect that Mathilde knew Queen Letizia would not arrive in a hat and this headband of feathers allowed her to go the hat-wearing route without making her visitor look sorely under-dressed.

Queen Mathilde, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Mathilde, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats

Queen Mathilde, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

While Queen Letizia did not wear a hat, her hair was styled in an encircling braid. That in itself is unusual for Letizia… and perhaps the first step toward wearing a hat for these types of engagements?! I suppose I can only hope.

Queen Letizia, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Mathilde, Novemer 12, 2014 | Royal Hats

What do you think of Queen Mathilde’s new feathered headpiece today?

Photos from Gtres via Mujerhoy; Mark Renders/Getty via Zimbio; Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis

14 thoughts on “Spanish Monarchs on Introductory Visit to Belgium

  1. I love this feathered headpiece! It speaks so well of Queen Mathilde that she is reducing her hat to the merest suggestion, knowing that Reina Letizia is not a hat lover. They look like they had a lovely time together. I love the teal, green, and peacock color combination!

  2. Perfectly played on Mathilde’s part. The bond between these two is quite evident and great to see. After all, how many ladies in this world can bond over being promoted to “queen” so close to the same time? I do wish Leti would wear more hats, but she has done well stepping up her clothing and jewel game. Perhaps the hats are yet to come.

  3. Both the women look very nice – I love Mathilde’s hairpiece much better than, as others have said, a fascinator or a crownless “hat”. But, and it’s a big but, in the close up of Letizia’s hair from the back it looks messy. Okay from the front, but not so great from the back. Braiding isn’t doing it for me, I’m afraid.

  4. Queen Mathilde looked lovely as always, and I liked the feathered headband. It complimented her coat nicely. I love to see her with her husband, as they seem genuinely happy and interested in what is going on. Queen Letezia was equally lovely without a hat, although I would like to see a picture of her wearing one. It looks like a fun visit for their majesties.

  5. I love Queen Mathilde´s headband. It´s lovely and gives off some late 50´s vibes. If you want something small on your head, this is so much better than ridiculous fascinators or wrapped bandages

  6. Queen Letizia has been sporting this kind of braids and updos a lot recently and I really like them. Her hairdresser must have come up with a few new ideas and Letizia seems to be eager to play with her hair a bit.

    Queen Mathilde’s headband was beautiful and I thought it really was more fitting than Maxima’s hat while Letizia and Felipe visited Netherlands.

  7. This one all belongs to Queen Mathilde. she looks just wonderful. The headband is fine and shows a desire to make others feel comfortable. I do like that a lot. not too impressed with the braid on Queen Letizia, but she always looks nice.

  8. Queen Mathilde looked stunning! The emerald green coat suited her coloring so well and the shape of the coat is very figure flattering. The feather headpiece is lovely, just enough feathers without being over-the-top and the colors work well too. The jewels, hairdo and accessories all work perfectly with the outfit. As for Queen Letizia, she looked sorely under-dressed for this formal event, and I think her hair styled in an encircling braid looked silly, that kind of braiding is strictly for children. It’s time she lifted her sartorial game now she is a Queen!

    • I agree. The Spanish monarchy claims to be short of money, but I’m sure a couple of hats could found somewhere and could be worn when meeting foreign royalty who everyone knows will be wearing hats. The head encircled by a braid doe not seem like an appropriate style for such a momentous event.
      Queen Matilde’s blue and green is a wonderful combination.

  9. Love! The color is wonderful and just the right amount of feathers not to end up looking horrible and over-done. I would have called this a head-band however – but then I lived the 60s, the age of the head-band!

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