Seeing Double: Queen Elizabeth

A Hat TwinsWith the sheer number of hats in her closet, Queen Elizabeth is bound to have a few that look similar. She has, however, on several occasions, ordered two versions of the same hat. Take these Philip Somerville hats, for example:

 Queen Elizabeth, May 2, 2002 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats   Queen Elizabeth, February 12, 2002 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats

On a visit to Wells during her Golden Jubilee tour, May 2, 2002; opening a shelter in Whitechapel, February 12, 2002

These hats both came into circulation in early 2002, the year of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. I strongly suspect that she ordered a number of new hats and outfits for her Jubilee tour that year (just as she did for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012) and perhaps, she liked this hat enough to request it in two colours? It is a fairly simple hat shape that is made rather memorable by the unique cut-out in the front of the crown. While the bands trimming the crown are slightly different on each of these hats, they are both linear and very simple.

Queen Elizabeth, April 29, 2012 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats At the annual scouts review at Windsor Castle, April 29, 2012

Queen Elizabeth, November 10, 2013 in Philip Somerville | Royal HatsRemembrance Day, November 10, 2013

These hats have both stayed ‘in service’ for more than a decade- the Queen wore the green version most recently in April 2012 and the black version last year for Remembrance Day (see above). I have a sneaking suspicion that neither have been retired. What do you think of this pair of twin hats?

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I like these, and clearly so does Her Maj. They’re a good strong, simple shape. I expect the black at least will get airings for some years to come, her stable of all purpose black hats seems to stay in rotation a long time.

  2. I always have liked these two hats. It’s a simple but interesting and unusual shape. (I don’t like the gold hat pin stuck above the ribbon on the green, however.)

    • Snug Harbor I agree with you entirely. I love this shade of green and both hats, but that gold hat pin is large and distracting.

  3. I prefer the black version, but, as already stated….less is more! The simplicity of these designs are most welcome, and allow the focus to be where it should be–on the Queen–rather than on her hat.

  4. I like them both, and maybe the green a tiny bit more. They both look great on Her Majesty.
    Is that a hat pin on the front of the green, just above the ribbon? Or some kind of gold something or other? I can’t tell.

    I wish Angela Kelly would look at these two hats and realize that sometimes, not always but sometimes, less really is more.

    • The gold ‘something or other’ looks like a classic hat pin to me. Interesting, because these days, both Rachel Trevor Morgan and Angela Kelly make a pair of hatpins to coordinate with each hat.

    • I agree efrompdx, I have always tended to prefer the Queen’s Philip Somerville designed hats to those of Angela Kelly, which tend to be over-trimmed. I do find that large gold hat pin on the front of the green hat very distracting, though love the hat and the colur of the whole outfit.

  5. Love the green one, but would take either for my closet. With her vast collection of hats, I’ve always wondered why we don’t see more sharing within the royal family. Perhaps share some of them with Anne or Sophie?

    • I love both hats too christinecarson2014, and like you, I prefer the green one. The Queen has different taste in hats to Anne or Sophie, and she is older, and expected to have a more regal look, so she has less chance to experiment with new fashion looks, and she also has a different head and face shape, and different hairstyle, to Anne and to Sophie. In any case, the Queen has never seamed to like to share her jewels, even with her own daughter, who has never been loaned major jewels like the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara or the Brazilian Aquamarine Parure.

  6. Simple sophisticated seems best for the Queen. So much better than the ones we saw during the summer months. The coats are nicer too.

  7. No-one wears a hat like Her Maj. Even some of the less fortunate numbers from the Seventies she managed to imbue with some dignity.

  8. I like the hat in the pale green the best, but HM looks amazing in both of them. I would like both hats better if they didn’t have that odd crease in the front. I would buy a hat like that without the crease. It is distracting and my eyes keep focusing on that. Other than that, a nice simple hat and the shape suits her.

    • It is so funny how different things appeal. I love the crease – very sculptural. Makes it interesting without being a distraction.

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