Royal Hats this Year: Monaco & Spain

Royal Hats Year In Review 2014Over the next two weeks, we’re going to look back over all the royal millinery we saw this year and begin nominating our favourite and least favourite royal hats of 2014.

To kick this off today, we’re going to look at the two reigning royal houses that wear the fewest hats – Monaco and Spain. Here are all the royal hats we saw this year on Monegasque and Spanish royal heads (click on each photo to link its original post with larger views of each hat):

1. Princess Charlene, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats 2. Princess Caroline, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats 3. Tatiana Santo Domingo Casiraghi, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats 4 & 5. Baroness Elisabethe-Anne de Massy and Mélanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats 6. Princess Charlene, March 8, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

 7. Infanta Elena, May 4, 2014 | Royal Hats 8.Queen Sofia, December 12, 2014 | Royal Hats

Do any of these hats make your list of favourite royal hats this year? Is there one you want to nominate for your least favourite hat of 2014? Are you saving your nomination for hats worn by other royals?

*Update: Queen Sofia’s hat, worn on December 12, 2014, has been added to this lineup.

17 thoughts on “Royal Hats this Year: Monaco & Spain

  1. I thought Charlene’s beret and whole outfit for National Day looked lovely. The beret fitted beautifully over her short blond hair at the back. This isn’t always the case with berets. I don’t count woolly caps that are worn to the Rugby in Scotland as hats. The aim there is to try to stay warm and that is darned hard, hat or no. Total pass for me.

    I am not commenting on Tatiana’s hat as I have yet to see a good photo of it. However, I am not a great fan of hats with long undressed hair.

    Caroline looked her usual chic self. Her hat was attractive but unremarkable.

    A fedora style straw hat is a practical but not wildly attractive choice for a sunny day because if gives good shade and is easy to keep on. I am glad the Infanta is looking after her skin.

  2. Dear HatQueen, I am totally addict to your fantastic blog, but I think this post was totally unnecessary. I even fear that it could drive some of us to deep depressive thoughts. Back to real hats, please! 🙂

  3. Lots of comments on Tatiana’s “mortar board” – I just wanted to say that while I’m not really liking it very much, it isn’t quite as bad as it looks here, where the photo seems to have unfortunately singled out and captured by far the most unflattering angle it can be seen from! In the pictures taken from the front, it is a proper hat and by no means too bad.

    Caroline’s feathers and veil isn’t too bad, and I rather like Charlene’s black beret. But such a pitiable paucity of hats to discuss!

  4. A dismal array of hats to view from these two royal houses…and only one hat from Spain! 😦 Unfortunately none of these hats will make best hat on my list! I cannot believe I am saying this but my favorite from the list would have to be Princess Charlene’s casual plaid tam o’shanter hat. Anyone who knows me and heard me say that would need to be resuscitated at this point. I would love to see Infanta Elena in a classic pillbox hat! I think she would look marvelous in one. I would also love to see Queen Sofia, Queen Letizia, and Princess Stephanie even wear a hat.

  5. There was no best for me, but the stand-out worst was Tatiana’s mortarboard which, with the outfit she had on, made her look like she was graduating from something.

  6. While I don’t think it is entirely fair to compare casual hats to others, Charlene’s plaid tam is pretty bad. Well, at least how she is wearing it looks bad. Living in a cold climate I appreciate that hats sometimes need to be worn for practical purposes, like keeping warm, but how she has this one pulled down so looks really unfortunate, IMHO. May not be the years worst, but the worst for me out of that lineup.

  7. While I do like the black beret on Charlene and find that quite a few of these don’t suit their wearers, nothing here meets either extreme. I’ll wait for my nominations.

  8. Tatiana’s hat is atrocious, and I am not liking the tam on Princess Charlene. It looks cheap and isn’t especially faltering.

  9. I think the 3rd picture is just plain silly and why would she think she looks good in that flat cardboard on her head…but I’ll wait for more.

  10. Ugh. As soon as I read “least favorite” I immediately thought of that flat cardboard thing that Mrs. Casiraghi wore a few weeks back. I nominate it for worst hat of 2014.

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