Dutch Monarchs Award Military Order

King Willem-Alexander awarded the Military Order of William to Major Gijs Tuinman during a ceremony in The Hague today. Queen Máxima joined to watch the event, dressed in a new oyster velvet turban hat. We have not seen her in a true turban for a long while and I suspect the choice of this hat today was more about function (keeping warm on a blustery day) than about appearance. We can’t totally dismiss aesthetics, however, and I thought this hat coordinated very well with Máxima’s neutral ensemble. For a winter hat, I think this turban is great. What do you think?

Queen Máxima, December 4, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, December 4, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: I suspect Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk and Albert Philip Van Der Werf via Corbis

37 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Award Military Order

  1. I think Her Majesty should tone down her choices to something more classic and royal looking not the trendy stuff she usually wears.

  2. oh my God, do I dislike this hat! It looks like it has been sat on, it’s the same colour as her hair, yet the tones of the outfit are all slightly off with one another. And those boots?! Shudder. Oh Max… why do you do this to us? (The coat on the other hand is stunning).

    • Thanks for the picture. I’ve previously said I like this hat but seeing the entire outfit makes me question it. If it were in a fabric that matched, say, her boots and scarf it could work, but being the only shiny thing on her in a shade that doesn’t appear somewhere else … it looks a bit odd.

  3. Eh, I’m not thrilled about this headpiece, but at least it’s a true turban this time. What really gets me is her monochrome outfit: it matches her hair and skin tone, so she looks rather washed out. Max has had this problem in the past (with wide-brimmed hats too), and it always drives me nuts. She needs to stay away from all that beige and add a little color.

  4. Just when we thought we had the best and worst all worked out (haha) today’s choice may just be a contender!!! Yes, I think it’s not the worst, and yes, cold weather and occasion taken into consideration, but not a great look for mine. Oyster velvet my gosh, straight hair hanging from underneath and the long camel? coat. Interesting. But the good thing is….I KNOW I am going to be talking about Máxima in much more positive tones when it is her turn to be featured in these current posts. Something to look forward to!! Thanks HQ.

    • Sorry- beige, tan, camel ??? Never very firm on the colour names, but either way there is a fair bit of neutral going on, perhaps that’s why I am finding the oyster a bit hard to enjoy.

  5. I like her hat fairly well. One…it does not resemble a bandage…two it does not resemble a donut. It does look nice on her, but I am not generally a fan of turbans. It is an improvement over the bandage/donut hats.

  6. I love the velvet and the slight variation in color due to the light. I find I like this rather well. Her entire outfit with it’s various textures and slight color differences is quite interesting and looks Warm. I like that. I don’t always get on board with her sartorial choices, but I approve this one.

  7. I don’t particularly care for beige/tan/colorless outfits, and I’m not a big fan of turbans, but I rather like the outfit. I think the goes surprisingly interestingly with Queen Máxima’s hair.

  8. No, no, and no! I don’t agree it’s right for the winter weather – a turban yes, but not this shiny light colored velvet – she would look more pulled together with a woolen turban or a matte velvet without that shine to it. She needs to do something else with her hair. I still say these wrapped turbans look straight out of the French Revolution days! Put it on American’ First Lady, Dolly Madison! Not for today.

  9. The hat is all right – nothing to write home about but not as bad as some Queen Maxima wears. But I was interested to see (on other sites) how very long her coat is… I thought her full length view to be very strange.

  10. From the side we can see that it is not one of the dreaded ‘bandage’ hats that she and Queen Mathilde have worn this summer. Whew! I like it better than I first thought. I’m biased though, I admire Queen Maxima and tend to give her a thumbs up.

  11. It’s a kind of turban-cloche hybrid. Not disliking it, though. I like the colour on Max, like the rich-looking fabric. Maybe if she’d had a scarf in the same fabric the outfit as a whole might have worked better (lloked more cohesive). Her hair looks slightly too messy in the front view, but, echoing others, the side view is lovely.

      • Maybe not a cloche then, but from the front view the head band seems very low and the crown seems very high. It’s not fitted like (I think) a turban should be. it’s a sort-of turban. i’m sure I’ve seen pictures of 1920s hats a bit like this.

  12. I think the front on pic is a little off and would be fixed with an even distribution of her hair on each side. I think the side pic is absolutely stunning! I love the material too!

  13. As usual I see things differently. I like the various neutral tones and I like the metallic fabric of this hat. The whole look is great for me. Maxima is one of those rare women who can wear almost any colour even beige and look good.

  14. It wasn’t put together quite right. Something is off about it. I think if she had pulled her hair back, it would have looked better. Princess Grace wore a lot of turbans back in the day, and Sheikha Moza rocks a lot of turbans. She always looks wonderful, and her hair, as Princess Grace’s was, is usually in a chignon. That is the way to wear this hat.

  15. Wow, WAX’s uniform has a lot of color going on! I like Max’s hat from the side better than to front and I agree it is a stylish and respectful way to stay warm while honoring the occassion.

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