York Princesses Attend Country Wedding

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York attended the wedding of Jamie Murray Wells and Lottie Fry today in Oxfordshire. For this occasion, both princesses debuted new hats.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats

Princess Beatrice topped her blue and grey Carven coat with an oversize navy fedora. This hat is a much larger hat than we usually see on Princess Eugenie and it is a wonderful millinery departure for her. Princess Eugenie wore a dove grey felt saucer hat trimmed with braided knots in the same colour as the hat. While I’m not a fan of this hat with Eugenie’s coat and grey jersey dress, I do like the style on her (particularly with her bobbed hairstyle) and the braided knot detail is beautiful. Both hats are rather chic, aren’t they?

Princess Beatrice, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Eugenie, November 19, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designers: Eugenie’s hat is the “Knot Detail Percher” by Juliette Botterill

What do you think of this pair of new hats?

Photos from Jessal/Tanna/Splash News via The Daily Mail

33 thoughts on “York Princesses Attend Country Wedding

  1. Unfortunately, I think Beatrice just looks frumpy and think her outfit would be better suited for brunch than a wedding. I love Eugenie’s fascinator and her hair, but find the rest of the outfit too rushed and uncoordinated.

  2. I like both hats but am not crazy about the outfits. Maybe Princess Eugenie could loan that saucer hat to the Empress of Japan?

  3. Thank you kindly for your likes on the black riding hat or Cordobe shape which our block has a slightly larger brim than the spanish version.

  4. My family agrees with me and some other contributors that neither hat seems right for the coats. I think a good fedora can look good on both men and women, but Princess Beatrice’s is too floppy and too large for her small face. Her coat also seems too big and drab. The better hat is the one worn by Princess Eugenie. However, I can’t see how this hat relates to the drab coat and the drab grey dress underneath. How I wish that a well-dressed royal such as the Countess of Wessex would take them under her wing, or else, could they find a stylist? They are two attractive young women and the clothes they wear are not cheap, so it seems to my eyes that they are wasting lots of money.

    • I agree. Both hats are so current, modern, fresh and VERY stylish.

      Excuse me for saying this but it feels like a lot of commenters here are pretty old school and traditional in what you want to see Princesses wear. I’m sorry but huge Laura Ashley hats with flowers and bows went out of fashion 30 years ago and they aren’t coming back. Bea and Eug are wearing EXACTLY the kind of hats that young, stylish professional women are wearing. Get with the times people!

      • Laura Ashley? To the best of my knowledge Laura Ashley designed shapeless/drop-waist dresses covered in flowers; not hats.

        My argument was that Eugenie’s hat doesn’t go with her outfit. I’d be seriously interested in hearing your thoughts on how it does – you might be able to convince me to change my mind.

        I have no objection to Bea’s hat, except that the event she was attending was a wedding, for goodness sake. The size of this hat and the fact it’s made from a heavy fabric, and the coat she’s paired it with might lead me to think she opening a convention on combine harvesters! Wedding hats don’t have to be made of straw with silk peonies dripping off them (and, frankly, that would have been just as bad a choice given that it’s winter) but neither do they need to be dark and dour. Look at the large hats from heavy fabrics that Queen Maxima wears and you’ll know that there is a world of stylish, sophisticated choice out there.

        These two have a “Princess” before their names. That makes (or should make) a difference. Whew, I’m off for a cuppa and a lie down, being so old and all …

      • Guiliana, I am a professional woman who likes to make and wear hats and I consider myself very much “with the times” and I don’t think either of these hats goes with the outfits. Princess Beatrice’s oversized fedora is too big and too dark to be an appropriate wedding hat, and seems to be too big for her head, but I do like and wear fedoras myself.

        Princess Eugenie’s saucer is lovely, and appropriate for a wedding, but it doesn’t go with the outfit in my opinion.

      • I want to reply to TiarasRUs who said that dark hats are not appropriate at weddings. ?????????????? This was a winter wedding and a navy blue hat is completely appropriate. Navy blue is very “in” right now, I do believe.

      • Whoever said dark hats aren’t appropriate at weddings- that’s rubbish. The colour of Beatrice’s fedora is spot on. I agree it’s a bit big for her but big fedoras are IT this year. Philip Treacy’s AW2014 collection is FULL of oversize fedora hats. I agree with Guiliana who said these hats are very current and fashionable. why shouldn’t Bea try one out? But I understand that not everyone will like them. That’s fine! We don’t all have to like everything that comes down the catwalk.

  5. Hmm. I think I like the hats. I’m not sure Bea’s actually suits her though (it’s quite big for her face) but Eugenie’s is great on her. Sadly the outfits are rather cobbled together – Bea’s coat is awful, it’s shapeless and does her no favours. She seems to like it though, it’s been repeated a few times. I prefer Euge’s though it is a bit old for her. So a mixed bag. I do want them to get it spot on, but they just seem to not quite get there so often for me.

    • I am with you on this one. Sweet, smart and lovely girls, but their style seems to be off head to toe. For instance, Eugenie is wearing a coat which is supposed to meet midline, but for some reason is not hanging correctly.
      It is true, Princess Beatrice is wearing a hat which is too large for her tiny face and delicate features. Lovely girls: Icky taste in clothing.

      • If Eugenie removed the black belt, I think the outfit would work. Her hat is so pretty in the closeup shop. I’ve never heard of Juliette Botterill before. Is she new here?

        I agree that Bea’s hat is a little too big but I like the idea of it a lot.

  6. E’s hat is rather lovely … but not with this outfit! Her coat, dress, shoes, clutch all tie together (forgive the pun in light of her belt) but the hat is the wrong colour for the rest of it. I don’t think B could have looked less wedding-y if she’d tried. Her outfit is great daywear for shopping in a country town, but it simply isn’t a wedding outfit, even if the wedding is on a cold day in December. Glitter Girl said “Carmen SanDiego” and I’d agree, a perfect description. The girls seem to have been doing much better lately so this is, sadly, a step backwards.

    • I agree Cath, Princess Beatrice’s coat is awful. It looks to me like the sleeves wore out so someone got some leftover remnant of fabric that doesn’t go with the coat and made new sleeves.

  7. Not wild about either of these hats. Look at the last picture with Princess Eugenie – the woman in the background has a great Spanish style hat.

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