British Royals Celebrate Christmas: Part 2

Included in the group of  British Royal Family members who attended Christmas morning service yesterday at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene near Sandringham were Princess Anne, Autumn Phillips and the Countess of Wessex. Princess Anne wore a small beret hat that looked to be covered in black faux fur. I thought it was a chic choice for Anne and love that she wore a new hat for the occasion.

Princess Anne, December 25, 2014 |Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Princess Anne’s daughter-in-law Autumn Philips wore a chocolate brown velour felt beret hat trimmed with a large knotted sash. I thought this classic cocktail hat but worked wonderfully against the fur collar of Autumn’s camel coat and she looked fantastic in it.

Autumn Phillips, December 25, 2014 in Juliette Botterill |Royal Hats Autumn Phillips, December 25, 2014 in Juliette Botterill |Royal Hats

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the “Velour Beret & Bow” style
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex channeled the 1960s in a rounded pillbox hat in cheetah print  felt which was trimmed with a flat black bow on the side. The warm greige and black colour scheme looked great with fair skinned and blonde Sophie, and I thought the shape and scale was a perfect pairing for with the folded collar of her Armani coat. We have seen a LOT of royal pillboxes this year but I really think this is royal hat retro chic at its best.

 Countess of Wessex, December 25, 2014 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats  Countess of Wessex, December 25, 2014 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats  Countess of Wessex, December 25, 2014 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats

Designer:  Jane Taylor. It is a version of the “Bridget” style in cheetah print
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Now that we have seen all of the British royal family’s Christmas Day hats, which ones were your favourites?

Photos from Getty as indicated and Splash NewsADavidson/ News and News via Corbis

12 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Christmas: Part 2

  1. I think Sophie has a very goog choice: son coat is very well and your pillbox is very pretty. For me Sophie wear the best for ths 2014.

  2. It’s not visible in the picture you posted, but I hope Louise’s neon green (!) scarf preludes some more interesting accessory (ie millinery) choices from her in the future. I think my best dressed is Autumn or Eugenie.

  3. The Countess of Wessex looked fabulous, and this is her best look this year. I want to own everything she is wearing here. We have had a deluge of pillboxes this year, but I do love this leopard print velour felt pillbox, and I think it’s one of the best pillboxes of the year.

    Princess Anne looked a right mess. Her collarless short coat was a garish red, and she had a drab claret-colored skirt hanging down under it. The big fur trim on her boots looked clumsy. I rather liked the small beret but I didn’t like the black color against her brown hair. Her shoulder bag strap obscured her brooch and some of the coat trim.

    Autumn Phillips made a good choice with her chocolate brown velour felt beret which complimented her blonde hair well. I liked her accessories. I liked the shape and camel color of the coat, but I didn’t like the bulky fur collar, it was too short to go with those boots, and it looked rather tight.

  4. Thought Sophie looked great – Autumn on the other hand, her coat is way too tight for her and I don’t think her hat compliments the coat well at all – it’s too cocktail or something for that coat that harkens back to some of the early 70s fur collar coats I hated then and still dislike.

  5. Yes Autumn took it. True a longer coat would have been better. I do like the the leopard pillbox but the coat collar is messy. I had an outfit close to this way back when. Loved wearing it.

  6. Her Majesty was best dressed for Christmas. I was really hoping for some colour, and she did not disappoint! Princess Eugenie looked awesome. That hat was perfect for her. My third choice was Autumn Phillips in her chic hat and jacket. Princess Anne’s beret was a great choice, and I like Princess Beatrice’s hat, although the jacket was a wee bit short for me. I thought the Duchess of Cambridge looked pretty with her hair and makeup, but the brown overall was too blergh for me. Really missed the Tindall’s, Chatto’s and Linley’s this year.

  7. I think Anne’s outfit is great and would have looked even better if she’d left the shoulder bag at home. It’s competing with (and ruining) the leather edge of her coat front. Autumn looks fantastic and would, I believe, have hit it out of the park if her coat hem had gone below the top of her boots. The fur collar is fab. I’m in two minds about Sophie’s choice (heh). Love the coat but, like Jake, I don’t like animal prints (and she’s got what looks like an animal-skin clutch as well).

  8. I think Autumn won this round. Even though she stayed in the brown family with her outfit, unlike Kate, she didn’t go so monochromatic; also, her hair looked marvelous with her fascinator and coat collar! Anne, she always wears a black fur hat of some variety for Christmas; very boring. And I did not care for Sophie’s pillbox, but because I think leopard usually looks rather tacky. There, I said it.

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