Birthday of The Duchess of Cambridge

Royal Hats The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates her 33rd birthday today. For our birthday posts this year, we’re going to chose past hats worn by each royal that we would like to see return to their current millinery wardrobe. Over the past year, Kate wore a single brimmed hat amid a string of brimless bumper, pillbox and percher hats  (see her 2014 hats here). I would love to see a repeat of the large brimmed wave hat by Gina Foster that Kate wore to Zara Phillips’ wedding back in July 2011. It seems like a great hat for the Epsom Derby or Ascot Racer- two events I doubt Kate will attend this year but ones we will certainly see her attend in the future.

What hat would you like to see Kate bring back into circulation this year?

Duchess of Cambridge, July 31, 2011 in Gina Foster | Royal Hats

 Photo from Getty as indicated

34 thoughts on “Birthday of The Duchess of Cambridge

  1. Variation would be lovely! I admit to a weakness for what I refer to as a “proper” hat…a large, brimmed hat…but clearly the Duchess looks lovely in them. I wish we’d see her in more of them!

  2. I have to agree with all of you. Great choices. Hat Queen, the one you picked out is a perfect example! It is gorgeous!
    I’m hoping that we might see a little flair if she attends any of the Queen’s garden parties… those seem like a perfect occasion for a splendid hat.

  3. Not sure anyone will agree with me but I want to see another go at the ANZAC blue bunny ears. This time, worn at the proper angle as pictured on the designers website. I just want to see if perching it properly would take it from silly to elegant.

    Love the larger hat from Zara’ wedding, the burgundy trilby, and the fleur (with a different outfit, I’m one of the few who didn’t love that McQueen). Also, I’d like the pillboxes to wait another 5-10 years. I feel like they age her even though they are very pretty. I so much prefer them on Q Maxima, CP Mary, and Q Mathilde.

    • I agree- the McQueen coat had some odd proportions and made Kate look like she has an incredibly long torso. I think we’ll see the Fleur beret again, it is SUCH a pretty hat.

      Here is the Hatmaker hat designed by Jonathan Howard, along with the photos from his website you referenced. I thought the angle that Kate wore this hat was all right.

  4. This ‘potato chip’ hat is beautiful and I would love to see Kate wear it again! Same for the burgundy trilby from Christmas 2011. I would also love to see her repeat the red hat with the felt flowers she wore in the flotilla parade at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

  5. Right before she and Wills got engaged Kate wore a large black hat that was really light with a blue dress and a black jacket. It was fab.

  6. Yes, I think your choice is one of the best things the Duchess has ever worn, and it would be good to see it return. Kate’s hat-wearing was a good solid performance this year, but I’d love to see more variety, especially with brimmed hats!

  7. Hmm, I agree with the red pillbox. And also the burgundy hat she wore at her first Christmas at Sandingham!!

    • Also, one of my favorites. I think I enjoyed Kate’s, head to toe look, better a few years ago. Not sure I have cared for some of her recent sartorial choices. Even with a good hat, an o.k. outfit cannot be saved.

  8. The DOC definitely seems to be most comfortable in smaller hats, so with that in mind I would like to see her bring back the Jane Taylor “Fleur” beret worn to the WWI commemoration in Belgium. It suits her perfectly and I thought that she got the hair right that day, as well. I also love the red pillbox.

  9. I agree – I’d love to see much more hat variation from Kate. Her perchers are elegant and all but I have to admit to being a bit bored by them. However with a new baby on the way I doubt we will see much different…

    • True.. But considering her playing with clothe (The blue leg-showing dress and such) maybe she will branch out in hats as well 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I sure hope someday she wears my favorite hat of all hats that she has worn, the deep purple/burgundy one she wore to church on her first Christmas with the Queen and her family. That hat for me is a double wow factor, just love it and would love it in my hat closet.

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