Zara Phillips at the Races

Zara Phillips Tindall attended the Magic Millions Race Day at Gold Coast Racecourse today in Australia. For these races, she wore a new straw beret cocktail hat in cornflower blue parissisal straw trimmed with a mass of dupion silk camelia blooms at the back. While I would have preferred the hat worn turned slightly to the side so that the base was resting over her right eye (and we could see a greater glimpse of the charming floral trim), the colour is sublime on Zara and the hat is a great compliment to her printed dress. It’s a lovely ensemble on her, don’t you agree?

Designer: Christie Millinery. It is the “Chloe” style
Stylist: Rosemary Pantling
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Photos from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “Zara Phillips at the Races

  1. I’m perplexed at this slightly increasing trend of the trim hiding in the back of hats, but the color is magnificent. While I like the pattern of the dress, the shape is nothing to be wowed by. I personally love the shoes, especially in the more subtle claret color. Guess I find myself in the minority again haha . . .

  2. Nice hat but a hat with a brim would be better at this time of year in Australia and provide some protection from the sun as well as being stylish. The fabric of the dress looks synthetic – a mistake in Australia in summer. Overall, this is a miss for me

  3. Wow! This is the millinery equivalent of getting right back on the horse that just threw you!
    Day two is such a vast improvement over the funeral wreath hat! good job Mrs Tindall…. Except the shoes, they are great shoes on her, just not with this particular ensemble.

  4. I agree with HQ on this outing, especially about placement. I usually find Zara gets placement spot-on with these little cocktail hats, so I am a little surprised.

  5. A delightful shade of blue, but she does not seem to have learnt from her mother or grandmother that shoes and bag should match!

    • It’s actually very “on-trend” to not match shoes and bag right now. Having said that, though, I do think the shoe color is an odd choice with the rest of this outfit.

  6. A pretty colour on Zara. Would be good to see the detail at the back of the hat. I like the shoe design but not the colour with this outfit. Black may have been better for her accessories to tie the hat detail in.

  7. Great colour, andermans perfect for the Aussie summer. I too would like a bit more twist on the hat. And I’m not sure the frock is terribly flattering… But she looks a lot better than yesterday so let’s call it a pass!

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