Belgian Monarchs Launch Mons as Cultural Capital

Members of the European Commission named two cities as the European Capitals of Culture 2015 – Mons, Belgium and  Plzen, Czech Republic. On Saturday, the ceremony launching Mons into this new role was held at the Sainte Waudru Cathedral and King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were in attendance. Queen Mathilde wore a version of a headpiece that gained considerable response here at Royal Hats last year (and tied for your choice for least favourite royal hat of 2014) – the infamous royal antlers. This version, in caramel brown, included a fury headband anchoring the piece.

Queen Mathilde, January 24, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal HatsQueen Mathilde, January 24, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

I continue to be surprised at the number of hats and headpieces worn by Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima that are the same. As their main milliner is the same, one would think this could easily be avoided. That complaint aside, I can hardly wait to hear your responses on this headpiece!

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This is a new headpiece

Photos from Benoit Doppagne and Benoit Doppagne via Getty

24 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Launch Mons as Cultural Capital

  1. From this angle, I think the shape of this piece is almost pretty (relatively speaking, of course). The rounded shape has a greater sense of movement and grace than Maxima’s version, which looked more like it was madly headed off in all directions.

    • Thank you HatQueen for showing how the angle of Queen Mathilde’s headpiece is improved in this view, but I still don’t like it and wouldn’t wear it myself. I actually prefer it now now to Queen Maxima’s headpeice, whereas before I favoured the other way around. I think the best example of this type of headpiece was Beatrice Borromeo’s headpiece, but I didn’t really like that one either. I prefer structured hats.

  2. My family and I went into shock when we saw this creation on Queen Mathilde’s head. What question did she ask the milliner? Was it, “Please make me royal antlers like Queen Maxima’s, but make mine caramel brown, and attach them to a furry headband please.”

  3. They just keep getting worse! Beatrice did it first and did it best. Maxima’s was not good, but at least it was black, which contrasted with her hair. This . . . I mean, I just can’t! There are no words . . .

  4. I agree with what EV says: January 26, 2015 at 4:13 pm. I think that Beatrice Borromeo’s headpiece was the best of the 3, and Queen Mathilde’s is the worst! I do not care for any headpiece that looks like antlers!

  5. MrFitzroy is waiting with baited breath for the DrSeuss book about….
    Little Mathilde Lou Who,
    who’s antennae numbered no more than two.

  6. I would never be able to wear that hat, but that is part of it’s charm for me. Queen Mathilde takes a lot of risks with her hats, and so does Queen Maxima, and they always look amazing. There is something very charming about this headband hat, and even though I don’t want to like it, I do. I think a big part of it is Queen Mathilde’s ability to carry off a different look with elegance and humor.

  7. No dear — it’s a big no, no, no in my book! Can you imagine sitting or standing next to anyone wearing a antler headgear? You might get your eye poked out!

    • I am with you, beachgal, I am not a fan of dangerous, eye-poking headgear. Beatrice Borromeo’s headpiece of two black feathers spiraled round her head, looked like she was sprouting antennae. Queen Max’s was worse still, then Queen Mathilde’s is the worst of the lot, and even the hairband it attaches to looks scruffy.

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