Norwegian Royals Bid Farewell to Johan Ferner

The funeral of Johan Martin Ferner, late husband of Princess Astrid of Norway, was held on Monday at the Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo and all members of the Norwegian Royal Family were on hand to pay tribute to his life.

Princess Astrid wore a simple black textured bumper hat. Her daughters and granddaughter wore traditional Norwegian folk dress.

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Queen Sonja wore a black felt hat with pork pie crown and flat brim. The hat was trimmed with a band around the crown and a flat felt rosette on the side.

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a Jennifer Behr designed black net veiled headpiece anchored on a slim black headband.

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Princess Märtha Louise wore a swirled black cocktail hat which was wrapped in a black net veil by Norwegian designer and milliner Wenche Lyche.

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Our thoughts are with Princess Astrid, her family during this difficult time.

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13 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Bid Farewell to Johan Ferner

  1. Astrid looks amazingly elegant here and my many condolences are with her. I, for one, liked Martha-Louise’s fascinator. Sonja’s hat is a little too 80s for me, so I vote no. When I first saw photos of Mette-Marit, they weren’t close up and I thought she was just wearing a black headband; glad there was a little something else to it, but I’ve come to not expect much from her in terms of headwear.

      • I just looked up your definitions of the two. I’ve always thought of them as being more or less the same thing, just with “cocktail hat” being a vintage term and fascinator the modern equivalent. But yes, I agree it is a cocktail hat (although I have occasionally seen the fabricated term “hattinator” thrown around as well haha). Thanks for throwing my own words back at me. 😉

        • The overuse of the term “fascinator” in mainstream media has become a pet peeve for me. In the scheme of life, it’s not important but it has become my mini-crusade nonetheless!

          You probably don’t want to hear my true thoughts about the term “hattinator”!!

  2. Clearly pretty cold – the women in the traditional dress look lovely and Princess Astrid and Queen Sonja appropriate. Princess MM would have been warmer with a hat on her head and not a bit of flimsy net. If the dress code is to have your head covered then you might as well make it work for you. Princess ML looks cold but I’m on the fence re her hat.

    • I don’t think it is a formal dress code to wear a hat for a funeral although most royals do follow the practice of wearing hats (or in this case, headpieces) in church.

  3. The hat and headpieces worn by Mette Marit and Märtha Louise were too attention-grabbing and not appropriate for the event. My thoughts to Princess Astrid in this trying time.

  4. My condolences to Princess Astrid; she looks so sad, but I like her bumper hat, coat and boots. Queen Sonja’s hat and total look was dignified and appropriate for this sad occasion. Martha Louise’s cocktail headpiece was not the right thing to wear at a funeral in my opinion, and I didn’t like the 2 colours of the fur trim at the neckline of her coat. While I liked Princess Märtha Louise’s black cocktail hat wrapped in a black net veil, I didn’t really think this hat was right for a funeral. RIP Johan Martin Ferner.

    • I presume that you mean Mette-Marit in sentence 2. If so, I can’t think of anywhere but to a funeral that this piece could be worn. That being said, I believe we have a winner in the Worst Hat of the Year poll for 2015!

    • I agree with Alex, except that I don’t think you have to have any certain type of hat, or even a hat at all, at a European Christian funeral. Traditionally many people wear hats to funerals but not all do, especially younger people. So I don’t think it would be seen as disrespectful to wear Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s headpiece or Princess Märtha Louise’s black cocktail hat. But I do think the others in more formal hats look more dignified. Princess Astrid’s daughters and granddaughter wore traditional Norwegian folk dress without hats. May Princess Astrid find comfort at this sad time and may her husband rest in peace.

      • I second your post Tatsuya Kuniyoshi. Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s headpiece does look out of place at a funeral because it has a party vibe about it. It’s also cold, winter and snowing, so her head must have been very cold! I commend Princess Astrid’s stoicism because it can’t be easy having the press shove cameras in your face at a funeral. I also loved seeing the Norwegian folk dress as a cultural addition to this sad event. I also hope the royals can find comfort after their loss. RIP Mr. Ferner.

  5. I thought Queen Sonja looked so nice. Not sure about Martha Louise’s cocktail hat at a funeral. We have seen this type of hat on Princess Astrid several times. I can see going out something you already had or something you felt comfortable in at a time like this. I wish her peace and comfort at this time.

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