Swedish Royal Family Attend Friend’s Funeral

The Swedish Royal Family gathered today at the Katarina kyrka in Stockholm to bid farewell to Swedish business leader and friend, Peter Wallenberg. For this funeral, Queen Silvia wore a beautiful black pillbox hat. The crown of the pillbox was made of felt while the sides were wrapped in silk. A flat silk bow at the back completed this simple but striking hat. 

Queen Silvia, February 3, 2015 | Royal Hats

Queen Silvia, February 3, 2015 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Victoria wore Saint Laurent designed black rabbit fur felt hat with curved brim, trimmed with a simple black Persham hatband and rough edged bow at the front. If it looks familiar, she wore a similar (but different) hat to Princess Lillian’s funeral. The simple, classic lines of the hat work very well with the clean lines of her black coat.

Crown Princess Victoria, February 3, 2015 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Victoria, February 3, 2015 | Royal Hats

Photos from TT, Stella Pictures and All Over Press via Svenskdam

19 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Family Attend Friend’s Funeral

  1. I like the Queen’s pillbox hat, and she always looks very good in this style of hat. The placement of her hat and the hairstyle are well-balanced. I tend to agree with what many others have said about Victoria’s hat, the bow should be on the side. I did click on the link to see her hat in its original state, and I preferred it that way. I thought they all looked appropriately sombrely attired for a funeral, but still in style.

  2. I would gladly wear either of these hats, though as some others have said, the bow on the Princess’s hat would look better on the side, and I prefer the hat in its former untrimmed state, but I guess she is trying to save money by recycling the hat.

  3. My family and I thought all the Swedish Royalty looked dignified. We thought Queen Silvia’s pillbox was the best hat here. She always suits the pillbox style of hat. We didn’t like her fur coat. While we did like Crown Princess Victoria’s Greta Garbo inspired hat, we think it was best left alone without the trim and bow.

  4. Queen Silvia’s pillbox is lovely and the contrasting textures, the placement on her head, and the hairdo, all work together to make this a very good pillbox hat. I actually preferred Crown Princess Victoria’s black Garbo hat at its last outing, when it was untrimmed. I don’t mind the black band and grosgrain ribbon bow, but as others have said, the bow would be better placed on the side, otherwise it distracts attention away from her face, and it reminds me of those Fergie hats with big bows on them! Like the green Ascot hat at this link.

  5. Victoria is bringing back 90s Fergiemania with that bow in the front! Turn that hat to the side, and it would be great. Silvia looks elegant in this pillbox, as she always does in this style of hat.

  6. I like both hats. The pillbox benefits from the combination of textures. CP Victoria’s hat is perfect. I like the downward turned brim and the bow in front seems, to me, to keep the attention off the wearer’s face. The angle and the bow create a little privacy.

  7. Shows how quickly I look at things, because I thought C.P. Victoria looked great, until I read the bow in comments. You guys are right, it does look off being in the front.

  8. I will agree with previous comments that the bow on Victoria’s hat should have been placed on the side. Otherwise, they both looked stunning.

  9. I do love a good pillbox hat, and this one is superb on Queen Silvia. I do agree with Jeannie about the placement of the bow on Princess Victoria’s hat; it would have looked better on the side.

  10. I love the shape of both hats, but would have preferred the bow on CP Victoria’s hat to be slightly larger and on the side instead of in front.

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