This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

The Countess of Wessex completed Arctic survival training in Finland this week (Royalista)

Henry VIII’s hat returned home in remarkably good condition (Royal Central)

We’ve seen a gallery of Princess Estelle’s hair bows- now it’s her mum’s turn (Svenskdam)

I REALLY want to see this John Boyd hat on a young royal head (John Boyd)

Royal Hats

Sweet photos of the Emperor and Empress of Japan on vacation (Imperial Family of Japan)

According to GQ, only 48 men in all of Britian dress better than Prince George (Vanity Fair)

Interview with Archduchess Kathleen of Austria (Northern Kentucky University via Luxarazzi)

Princess Mabel opened an art exhibition. It’s wonderful to see her looking so well. (Royalista)

Great article on the Duchess of Kent (Royal Central)

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. This Week’s Extras made interesting reading. I was surprised to see the Countess of Wessex at Arctic survival training in Finland, and I wonder what prompted that? I was amazed that Henry VIII’s hat remains in such good condition. The John Boyd hat in your link is a stunner, and it would make a great hat for a young Princess. Those photos of the Emperor and Empress on holidays were lovely, and they make such a cute couple. Prince George is a snappy little dresser and he is one cute kid! I enjoyed the article about Archduchess Kathleen, and I hope we see more of her, especially wearing a hat! It was a shame Princess Mabel didn’t don a hat when she opened an art exhibition, and as she is wearing black, I assume that she is still in mourning. She looks so much younger than her age. I always feel so sad that the Duchess of Kent has had such a sad life, when she has brought so much joy to others. She dresses very well and has worn some lovely hats in the past too.

    • My family and I agree with your comments Alex. I read that the Earl and the Countess of Wessex have been doing a lot of exercise recently and hired a personal trainer to lose weight, so that is probably why the challenge of the Arctic survival training in Finland.

    • I agree with everything you wrote Alex. It is so true about how the Duchess of Kent has had such a sad life. I was surprised that for a decade, she had been teaching music incognito at a school in Hull. I guess royal life was just not for her.

  2. Thanks for the link to the article about Archduchess Kathleen – she’s a wonderful role model for young women to look up to.

  3. So much good material here! I love the article on Henry’s hat….and that John Boyd hat is a stunner! Those pictures of the Emperor and Empress are wonderful–they just look so happy and relaxed!

  4. Thank you for directing me to that article about the Duchess of Kent. I’ve long been and admirer and even more so now. Enjoyed the lovely pictures of her as well. A beautiful, kind and generous woman and it’s a shame she has suffered so.

  5. Beautiful article about the Duchess of Kent. She was a stunning bride on the 8 June 1961, a magnificent ceremony in York Minster. The royal ladies also looking beautiful, especially the Queenmother and Queen Victoria Eungenie of spain. A glittering occassion, now forgotten!

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