Princess Beatrix At Memorial of German President

Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands was in Berlin this morning to attend a memorial of former German President Richard von Weizsaecker who passed away in late January. For this tribute, she wore a large black straw hat with double rolled bumper brim. The hat`s only trim was a pointed straw band that wrapped around the outer brim. Paired with her fur trimmed cape and pearl jewellery, Princess Beatrix looked characteristically dignified and elegant.

Princess Beatrix, February 11, 2015 in Suzanne Moulijn  | Royal Hats Princess Beatrix, February 11, 2015 in Suzanne Moulijn  | Royal HatsPrincess Beatrix, February 11, 2015 in Suzanne Moulijn  | Royal Hats

Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: November 15, 2011; August 29, 2009; April 12, 2008

Photos from Getty as indicated. Click on each photo to link with the original source. 

15 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix At Memorial of German President

  1. I agree with the HatQueen about Princess Beatrix looking characteristically dignified and elegant. A few points:
    A. Her large black straw hat with double rolled bumper brim is too big for her, even by her usual standards of big hats. You can see gaps at the side of her head between her head and the hat.
    B. The hat`s trim of a pointed straw band that wrapped around the outer brim was ugly and very distracting to the eye.
    C. Her fur trimmed cape looked dated, and did not coordinate with the hat style.
    D. Her pearl jewellery was elegant and looked too classic and feminine to team with such a big hat.
    E. Her large hat pin was distracting to the eye.
    F. I appreciate this was a funeral, but I will still chalk this hat up on my list of Least Preferred Royal Hats 2015.

  2. While her hats usually bore me (same shape endlessly), Princess Beatrix is one of my favorite royals. She’s just so lovely.

  3. Q/P Beatrix always is very chic and well groomed for any event or occasion, yet this style of hats is hers and hers alone, it looks too big for her head but this is her style.

  4. I agree with what Peggy says: February 11, 2015 at 5:19 pm. I also agree with what Splendid Jewels says: February 11, 2015 at 2:39 pm. Many of her hats look like cakes and are very big. I love her jewels. She has been a credit to her country.

  5. She is regal, elegant, dignified, and always impeccably groomed. While I am not a fan of her hats, they definitely are her style. I’ve wondered if the style of the hat has anything to do with her hair style. She does favor a big hair style (and I don’t mean to be mean spirited) which may accommodate her hat(s)

    • You are probably right Peggy. She probably wears the big hats so they do not squash her bouffant hair. I would not wear these type of cake-esque hats she wears, but somehow she manages to get away with them and still look regal!

  6. This looks like a badly iced chocolate cake on her head. I have always admired and respected Queen/Princess Beatrix but I am not much of a fan of her hats. Most look like cakes.

    • I agree. She is always impeccably dressed but her hats seem to be precariously balanced on her head. There doesn’t seem to be any change in style and they are far too large.

  7. I think the width of the hat gives balance to the whole look. It is not an exceptionally tall hat though it is wide. It frames her face and causes your eyes to look at her shoulders, hence the balanced look. She does indeed look dignified and I would wear that hat given the right occasion.

  8. As always, she looks very regal and elegant. This hat shape could belong to no one else, because she has made it her own over the years. It is her go to style, and she likes them. I would like to see the hat made smaller though, just to see if it gives a better shape. They always seem a bit too big on her. Is it just me, or would shaving an inch off either side make the hat more balanced? I would love it if she mixed it up more and wore different styles. Regardless, she will always be one of my favorite royals.

    • You read my mind jamiemid. Princess Beatrix has such a distinctive style. I wouldn’t wear her hats myself, and I do agree that many of them seem too big for her.

    • I can’t disagree with anything you wrote jamiemid. Beatrix is one of the royals I really admire and respect. She always conducts herself and dresses with the dignity the role demands.

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