Designer Interview: Stephen Jones

Royal HatsTo start off this week, here is some great insight on hats from British milliner Stephen Jones and a peek at some of his creative work.

8 thoughts on “Designer Interview: Stephen Jones

  1. I would gladly wear many of these hats. Thank you very much HQ for delivering this video. Stephen Jones designed some beautiful hats for the late Princess of Wales. It must have been a terrible shock when she died and he lost such a high profile client and a person he obviously had become quite fond of. RIP Princess.

  2. Thank you HatQueen. Congratulations to Stephen Jones, a milliner of such great talent, on his success and thank you very much for sharing this information. I visited his website that Alex gave the link to, and there were many wonderful hats here. Thanks Alex. I loved that black hat you mentioned too, and I would like to own that one, such a useful hat for many occasions.

  3. Ooh Thankyou so much HQ- I just love these candid snippets and insights, straight from the milliners that you share. So interesting and informative and fun and a sneaky little look into this whole other world. They just love what they do don’t they! Thanks again.

  4. This was an interesting hat designer interview. There were some beautiful hats here, especially that black semi-transparent brimmed hat that was on a stand located behind his left shoulder when he was sitting on the lounge, and again shown close-up at the very end. I could imagine the Countess of Wessex loving that one. I had a look at his website too, and here is the link if readers want to see more of his designs.

  5. Thanks HatQueen and Stephen Jones, I always like to hear from the milliners themselves about what inspires them and what goes on behind the scenes. My favorite quotes from this about hats, “Art on your head,” and “a party on your head.” Classic!

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