One Perfect Suit and Four Hats

Royal HatsOne of my favourite items in the Duchess of Cornwall’s closet is her tailored, black, collarless suit. Over the past decade, Camilla has worn this suit at a number of sombre royal occasions, pairing it with four different hats. I am intrigued by the very different feel each of these hats brings to this same suit. Which hat do you think suits this suit best?

Look 1: A black straw Philip Treacy design with white trim and a curled black feather spine worn to a Bali bombing memorial on October 12, 2006

Look 2: At a November 17, 2009 memorial service in a black beret-based cocktail hat with silk rose and tulle veil trim by Philip Treacy

Look 3: Atttending a September 11, 2013 requiem mass in a black straw hat by Lock & Co. 

Look 4: Another Philip Treacy picture hat lavishly trimmed with feathers worn to a Service of Thanksgiving  on November 21, 2014

Photos from Getty as indicated. 

33 thoughts on “One Perfect Suit and Four Hats

  1. I like the more sophisticated look of either the first or last. The black and white hat is my favourite hat. I’d be in love with the ostrich feather hat, but the feathers are simply too many, too much. I can’t enjoy the wonderful shape of the hat. Still, she looks lovely.

  2. I prefer the black & white n°1 hat. It is more formal, more polished. The hat n°4 is one of sooooo manyyyy hats with feathers (and the same overall shape) that she wears, it is so usual to see her wearing one that it gets me bored.

  3. I like her look in the #1. The buttons on the suit are only askew in photo #4, I looks to me like the buttons are arranged with the first being horizontal and the second two vertical. I do prefer the stick bug to the huge spiders that Queen Maxima wore and if the brooch is from her father I can understand why it is a favorite.

  4. I don’t care for any of the hats or the suit. My main objection to the suit is the twisted buttons which tend to look sloppy. Not a good Duchess look.

    • I agree with what G.A. says: February 21, 2015 at 10:03 am. I am not a fan of any of the hats or the suit either. The twisted buttons look sloppy, and I do not like collarless jackets.

  5. I know it’s not exactly on topic but I really liked the suit Camilla wore to her brothers funeral which was dark blue with white spots. That was so stylish. She did actually wear the feathered hat featured here with the suit that day and I have to say that I actually like it the best of these four. I don’t really like hat number 3 – too flat looking. Thanks.

  6. I so love a gorgeous black suit to wear for any occasion and this is one nice suit except for one thing only……..the ugly buttons. What are those things on the suit? As for hats, only number 2 did it for me, the first hat…….what is that thing sticking out of the front of her hat? Not good at all, and hat 3 looks okay, and hat 4, while a beautiful hat and I do like some feathers on a hat, there is too many feathers on this hat and it distracts from her face. The fit of the suit and the length are perfect on her as is the gloves and the snake skin bag, low heeled shoes and she is set to go. Well done Hat Queen, nice idea of a suit with different hats.

  7. My family, visiting friends and I, cannot agree on which hat is best. We do all agree that the last hat is wrong for a funeral because the Duchess’s hat is too over-the-top for such an event, with so many feathers. We agree that we like her tailored black outfit, except for the stick insect brooch in the last 3 occasions. What was the dress code for each time? If it was that all black was required, then the hat in photo 1 was not correct. This hat is in harmony with the suit and the Duchess’s features and skin, hair and complexion tones, because the white brightens things well. If the code was to wear all black, then this was a mistake. The hats in the photos 2 & 3, are very good hats. They are in harmony with the suit and the rest of the outfit. Some of us wonder about the bag. Is it black? It doesn’t matter if the code was not stated as to wear all black. It looks black on my monitor but it looks dark grey on one of my friend’s phones and on my daughter’s laptop. Sorry if I have confused people because my first language is not English.

    • Only 3rd picture was taken at a funeral. 1st pic – unveiling of a memorial, 2nd and 4th – memorial Services of Thanksgiving

  8. The fourth hat is my favorite too because it’s such a beautiful hat, although I like the first hat with this suit since both have a touch of white. What I do not like is that purse in photos 2, 3 and 4, a favorite of the Duchess of Cornwall’s. Is it supposed to be black but photographs oddly since it’s lizard, or is it actually a muddy copper-gray? She often wears it when she wears black.

  9. Interesting question- not which hat do we like the best but which hat goes best with this suit. LOVE that you look at the hat fitting with the whole outfit and not just the hat on its own.

    #1 and #3 are too stark and angular for this clean cut suit (which is FABULOUS on Camilla btw). #2 and #4 give much better balance and #4 is by far the best.

  10. My favorite hat is #2. I would love this hat for myself! But I see more of Camilla’s style in #4 with all the frothy feathers. The suit itself I don’t care for. The top button being horizontal while the others are vertical bugs me. the skirt is a bit too, um, fitted in the tummy for a smooth skirt look

  11. While I agree with HatQueen about how the Duchess of Cornwall’s tailored, black, collarless suit is appropriate for funerals, I loathe collarless jackets and coats with a passion! Is the Duchess copying Angela Kelly’s collarless looks that she makes for the Queen to toady to her mother-in-law? That stick insect brooch is hideous and gives me the creeps! It is also rather distracting to wear at a funeral. I like the first hat best, though I think an all black hat would be best at a funeral. So I think hat three, the Lock and Co., wins the day. I like hat two, the Philip Treacy one with the large flower and veil, though I think it is probably a bit fussy for a funeral. I don’t like the final hat, as the crown is too tall and there are too many feathers, so it looks like an ostrich nesting atop her head.

    • You have hit the nail on the head TiarasRUs. Lots of things I hate are here, a collarless jacket, feathers, a hat with a tall crown (as well as feathers) and jewels in the shape of insects. No!

  12. Black hats are the staple of a royal hat wardrobe but I didn’t realize until this post how much a different hat can change an outfit. I like #1 and #4. Camilla always looks great in a large hat and these ones are so elegant.

  13. I like hat no. 4 best, but would use the bow brooch from the first picture. I don’t know what the brooch is supposed to be in views 2-4, but I don’t really care for it. Agree with you, though, Hat Queen, this is an excellent suit for these occasions.

    • I have to admit I like the fourth hat because it seems to provide balance to Camilla’s figure. I believe she wears the “bug brooch” because it has great sentimental value. It was a gift from her late father Bruce Shand, and often we wear jewellery that means a great deal on such occasions.

  14. I think she looks best in the third one where she is with Prince Charles because, to me, it fits the somber occasion the best and it also seems to fit the suit. I prefer the bow brooch in the first photo rather than the pin she is wearing in the other three photos. That pin reminds me of a praying mantis bug! Cannot understand her choosing that brooch repeatedly over the beautiful brooches she certainly must own!

  15. The Lock & Co. Hat is my favorite of the four, and I think it strikes the right note. It is serious, and rather nice. Some of the other hats are not to my taste, especially, but the Duchess looks good in all of them. I think they go well with the suit, but I am not a fan of the first hat. It almost seems frivolous for a solemn occasion.

    • I dunno. It feels too plain for the suit. The weird angle of that hat reminds me of the rings of Saturn orbiting Camilla’s head. I really like #1. It’s serious enough for a serious occasion but the white stripe breaks it up a bit.

  16. My least favourite hat is definitely the last one. It might be Philip Treacy, but I really dislike his style on Camilla. And yes, I know it is her signature style. It’s just too busy and too much with her fluffy hair. I really like the first one best, but the other two are not bad.

  17. This suit is gorgeous on Camilla and it fits her perfectly. Because it’s so plain, the fancier hats look very good with it. I love the second one with the veil and large flower. The last one is very good if you like feathers (I do not).

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