Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 55 years ago today, Princess Alexandra of Kent stepped out in this large, lemon chiffon yellow braided pillbox hat with matching coat. The event was a visit to the London Association for the Blind in Peckham on February 27, 1960 – don’t you think she looked the epitome of early 1960s style?

Princess Alexandra, February 27, 1960 | Royal Hats

Photo from Getty as indicated. Click on it to link with the original source. 

13 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. The times they are a-changin’. Really? I can draw parallels with the coat shape, I think it’s being called a capsule these days. Max has been oput in the shape quite recently. And the hat reminds me somewhat of the bandage/dirty dishrag seen on both Max and Mathilde last year. Fur collars? In and out with the blink of an eye.
    The colour is pretty, as is the lovely Princess, but I think we’ve all gotten used to the drab black world of today. Hurrah for colour I say.

  2. Princess Alexandra is usually the epitome of elegance but I cannot get on board with this look. Her hat looks like one of those terry towelling hats you use to dry off your hair at the pool. Her yellow coat makes me think of the Tweety Bird. It is too loud for her. The fur collar belongs on a dark winter coat, not a summery yellow coat. Her accessories are dull and dated even for 1960.

  3. My family and I have always had the utmost respect for Princess Alexandra of Kent who usually expresses such good taste, so we were shocked by this creation. The shapeless lemon yellow hat is not a good look for her. The all yellow outfit reminds me of Big Bird from Sesame Street. The coat is too loose and the sleeves are not at a good length. We don’t like fur, but even allowing for the fact that so many people wore fur at that time, a brown fur collar clashes with a bright yellow coat. The gloves and bag are also in a dark beige tone which clashes with her yellow clothes. I hope these clothes never return to fashion.

    • I agree with everything Tatsuya Kuniyoshi says: February 27, 2015 at 6:06 pm. This has to be one of Princess Alexandra of Kent’s worst looks. I reckon that hat looks like a tea cosy!

  4. I admire Princess Alexandra of Kent and I generally like her hats and clothes. But there are lots of things I hate here. The hat reminds me of an old shower cap I used to own. The fur-trimmed loose coat is awful. The drab beige gloves and the big drab beige handbag look ugly. The brooch looks like blue stones, which clash with the lemon of the coat. No!

  5. That’s a pillbox? More like a fancy pillow!

    I’m sure it was stylish back then, but I am so glad that style has been retired. Of course, it could come back…

  6. Nice. That was the style from then and I liked it so much I hope a revised version of the 60 s comes back with a bang….especially the coats. Pillbox hats are still lovely today.

  7. Lovely color and totally sixties style, especially the coat and the fur collar. I remember women wearing things very similar to this when I was a child. Princess Alexandra is one of my favorite Royal ladies, so it is always a delight to see a picture. I seem to remember the Queen wearing hats similar to this, although I think hers would have been smaller and more conservative. I can’t imagine this cheerful, exuberant hat being worn today, but it was perfect for it’s time. Regardless of when her picture was taken, HRH always looked so lovely, regal, and stylish. She always got it right, and she still does.

  8. I think it looks dated for 1960 — I was in my late 20s by then and would not have been seen in anything like this – larger swing coats were going out by then in my book. I wanted more straight lines. And the hat is way too over sized for a pill. I was wearing a lot of bucket hats then if I wanted something larger. My pills were all much smaller and really didn’t do much as far as a hat goes – they just were a head adornment more less. My pills by 60s were much more structured then this one. She looks like a mid 50s someone vs a 1960 aristocrat. I can recall looking at photos of British that made their way into the US press and thinking how far behind a lot of their fashions were to what I was seeing and wearing in the US.

  9. I remember my mother in clothes that have a family resemblance to this outfit. There are quite a lot of references to Sixties fashions these days, and I can imagine Maxima, say, in the individual components, but this outfit is unmistakeably of its time. I definitely don’t think of this as a pillbox, though, even if it is that basic shape; pillboxes to me have to be smooth enough so you can see the top and sides. The shape here is completely disguised – it could even be completely soft with no real structure under there at all.

  10. “lemon chiffon braided pillbox hat”… the description itself is an explanation of the fact that it belongs to the past, I think! 😉 I like everything but the hat about this look. The hat is a little too voluminous and I don’t understand why it was braided.

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