Seeing Triple: The Duchess of Cambridge

Royal HatsFor last week’s Commonwealth Observance Service, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a new tear drop shaped percher hat designed by Jane Taylor. Several readers noticed that while the shape is distinctive and unique, Kate has two other hats that follow the very same form:

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Pink straw and silk version worn for Commonwealth Oberservance on March 9, 2015; Ice blue straw and lace version
worn for Trooping the Colour on June 14, 2014
; Grey felt and organdie version worn for Easter 2014 in Australia

The creative tear drop shape of this percher cocktail hat is an unusual shape for a royal hat. Despite the stand-out nature of this shape, Jane Taylor has done a magnificent job of giving each hat its own personality through the use of very different trimmings. The pleated silk, lace cut outs and organdie ribbon that adorn each hat are fairly simple embellishments but Taylor’s use of one type of trim on each hat makes each one shine. Out of all the hat twins we have seen so far, these hats have the most unusual shape yet each have the greatest amount of individual character. This is undoubtedly due to Taylor’s adept eye and hand for embellishment.

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The Duchess of Cambridge does an excellent job of styling her hair to highlight this hat to its greatest effect. Often, small percher hats don’t show well from the back but this style, with its raised top, looks great from all angles. Which of these three versions of this style do you like best?

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16 thoughts on “Seeing Triple: The Duchess of Cambridge

  1. Thank you for including the photos of the back of the hats. We hardly ever see the hats from the back and this is very interesting. I don’t like ponytails for royal events but Kate’s ponytail is very elegant. I didn’t notice that these three hats are all the same style because they look so different. I like the grey one with the ribbons best.

  2. I like all three but I’m leaning towards the pink one because of the detailing in the back. I like the ribbon embellishment best of the three.

  3. Really love the pink one. Original type of trim for a percher hat. It is the winner. The other two are fine but not unique it seems.
    Like others have said I would like her to be more adventurous in hats and complete outfits. Time for a change and shorter hair.
    Maybe after the babe is born she will do a makeover in style overall.

  4. It’s funny, I thought there were 4 of these hats, I had forgotten that one of them was a repeat! Thank you HatQueen for correcting it for me. 🙂
    My heart goes to the grey Easter Service/Singapore state visit. The shape of the ribbon curls makes it so classy to me. Second choice: the pink one, because I like this particular shade of pink and the ribbon – and because the white/ice blue one has to come last. I never found this Trooping the Colours outfit to be so succesful.

  5. The shape is nice for a percher hat. I like the grey from Easter in Australia tour the best of the 3. The bow/loops lightens up the darker grey and no pieces are sticking up. The pink hat looks like a heart diagram with the pleats and top ribbon sticking up. The beige hat is fine. I just think the lace/leaves embellishment a bit fussy.

  6. I’m not sure I realized the similarity after the first two, but by the pink, I knew we had seen that hat (shape) before! The one thing I don’t like about the pink one is the way the fabric is wadded up at the back. It appears not to have been finished. The grays are smooth and finished – in fact the way the little ‘tail’ of embellishment swirls around the back is identical. on each of the grays. Dusty rose hat with clear pink coat? I guess it’s OK. The hat itself is nice.

    • Oh, isn’t it interesting how different we all are? I LOVE the swirl of fabric at the back of the pink one! It makes a very interesting change.

      • Yes I am with you Barbara, I thought it looked rather naturally but stylishly finished off. You raise a particular interesting point HQ- how a hat looks from all angles not just from the front which is how they are mainly viewed or photographed. I have always found this intriguing; so much to consider for the milliner. My favourite of these three is the pink one by far (unlike many others I have never warmed to the grey Easter outfit). Sorry all!

      • I agree! I loved the way the pink one was finished off in the back – even though I am not totally in love with the detailing on the front. I like these hats overall quite a lot. The teardrop shape is more interesting than some of her other hats with a more traditional shape.

  7. Although they fall within the overall category of the small hats (perchers, structured berets etc) that I am finding a bit boring on the Duchess, I have to say that in themselves, these 3 are beautiful little hats, with the shape adding interest even before one thinks of the diverse trim. If she were to wear them as part of a much bigger repertoire that included some more substantial hats, I would welcome them even more warmly.

    • I quite agree with everything you wrote! If they came up no more often than once in a while, these small hats would be more interesting.

  8. Although I moan a bit about Katie C’s lack of adventure in the hat dept, I rather like this shape. You’re right, they are made very distinct by the embellishments and different materials. The two outfits from last year are v chic too, especially the Australian number from last Easter. That said, I still very much hope to see some bigger titfers on the royal noggin, and hope that Friday’s stunning saucer is the shape of things to come.

    • Well said! Friday’s hat was so beautiful and I hope she wears more like that.
      If I were to choose my favorite out of this tear drop shape, it would be the pink one, only because the design is so beautiful front and back.

    • Yes, this shape of these three isn’t all that bad, but Friday’s bigger hat was so much more spectacular, especially with Kate’s hair styled. Long hair hanging down her back at royal affairs really doesn’t seem quite appropriate.

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