Cambridges Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The Duke and Duchess of of Cambridge attended the St Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks at Aldershot today. Kate repeated her chocolate brown felt bumper hat brimmed with braided bow at the side; she showed the hat off to great effect with another beautiful chignon. While this hat looks great on Kate, I thought its pairing today with her slate grey coat was a little surprising. I adore both pieces but I’m not sure I like them worn together. What do you think?

21 thoughts on “Cambridges Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I like the hat and I like the coat but the color and proportions are a problem for me. The very high heels look odd with this outfit too. I like her chignon.

  2. Kate’s hairstyle is beautiful with this hat. On my computer, her coat is dark brown and matches her hat. Maybe it matched in real life too.
    I read here that she has worn this hat with a few coats. Please, when you have time to write about this, I would like to see all of them side by side to compare!

  3. I just have to say, even though we are meant to be talking hats- sorry HQ….that I ADORE this coat, I think it is utterly DIVINE… matter what colour name we give it. It is so beautifully tailored (as you would expect being bespoke), the colour is gorgeous and a beautiful blank canvas just ready to be vamped up with whatever accessories take your fancy, the cut is sublime and so very flattering and the neckline is classic elegance and style. What more can I say, I just loved it. I thought HRH was glowing. Do the chosen accessories add to the overall look……I don’t know. All I can look at is that beautiful coat. Thank you.

    • I also really like this coat. The collar is the right size. Recently, I think the collars on Kate’s coats have been way too big or way to small. When the collar is wrong, the hat never looks good. This one is perfect.

      I would have liked this coat better with a black hat. The two shades of brown don’t go together as everyone else has already pointed out.

  4. Someone had mentioned earlier that at least she wasn’t fussing with her hair – thank goodness. I love the hat, and I like the coat but together, no.

  5. I’ve always heard that wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is a distinctly American tradition, so I don’t knock her for that.

    As for the gray/brown matter (assuming those are the true colors and not a camera on the wrong settings) I didn’t like the combination until I got to that last photo of William. His black uniform against the backdrop of brown ones seemed to coordinate with her outfit, almost.

  6. I think she looks beautiful and nearly perfectly dressed. My only improvement would be some more green in honor of the day.

  7. Yes, I, too, read that this coat was brown. For some reason, maybe lighting, some of these pictures make the coat look gray. I do not think Kate looks matronly; just very sophisticated and conservative for someone who is eight months pregnant. The shamrock and the green are just the right touch. My only complaint is it would be nice if she had added something green touch to her hat it hair.

    • In writing the post, I was stumped by how to describe this colour. Grey? Lichen green? Brown? I think it’s one that is significantly impacted by lighting and changes hue depending on the light.

  8. I was just happy the hair was off the face and she wasn’t playing with it. I do think 4 1/2 heels are ridiculous when you’re so tall to start with.

  9. Goodness, we have seen this hat a lot – but I do like it on Kate. The coat is nice, just not a great choice for today with that hat color wise. Might have been something that was thought out with another coat that did not fit when the date grew closer and this was a 2nd offering? Just a guess. Odd that she has no green on other then her little glint of pin and the shamrocks –

  10. She repeated this hat from the St. Paddy’s when she was pregnant with George. I think it would have been a bit smarter to repeat the green coat and use a new hat to change up the look. Also weird that the browns don’t match since Catherine Walker does everything bespoke.

    • Precisely — most of us have to settle from time to time for something that doesn’t match perfectly, but it’s the best we an find in the time allotted with the money available. The Duchess of Cambridge is not in this situation. This is why we’re all looking at her hats rather than at the average person’s.
      This hat does not go with this coat. If they matched in some other light, then whoever’s responsible for her wardrobe needs to take photographs into consideration. More people see the photograph than see her in real life. If the hat and coat never went together, then this was a poor selection.

  11. Exactly my impression. Clearly this hat is one of Kate’s favorites. She’s worn it quite a few times. I don’t mind seeing it often. I like it too. But paired with a charcoal coat? Blah squared. And no green at all besides the teeny emerald in the pin and a wad of shamrock? Hair, hat, shape of coat, shoes … all could have been very successful if the coat had been a warmer tone.

  12. I’m glad to see Kate trying out some updos for once, but I’m rather tired of this brown pillbox (granted, brown’s not my favorite color, but I feel we’ve just seen this one too often, and at the same events). Also rather surprised at the lack of green in her outfit (I know the color is a bit stereotypical for today, but still . . .)

  13. I agree with you – the coat is lovely and very flattering for a pregnant woman. The hat just doesn’t go though, the browns are totally different. I think this must be Kate’s favourite hat – worn 5 times now with 5 different outfits. I smell a feature coming our way!!

    • I thought there had been a This or That feature on this hat, but I checked and there hasn’t been. I am on the fence with the Betty Boop- I still can’t decide whether I like it or not! Kate obviously does!

  14. Looks so sedate and sophisticated but more suited for someone 50 something. I do like the coat. The hat could be a little more fun for the celebration and perhaps green.

  15. I think this may be a case of bad lighting for the photographs. Catherine Walker, the coat designer, identified the coat as a bespoke double wool crepe in chestnut brown. I have seen other photos that seem to show the hat and coat looking quite nice together. (See

    I do love how the had looks totally different from its previous wearing with Kate’s hair up. Absolutely lovely.

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