Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Visit USA

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall spent the second day of their visit to the United States with stops at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate and the Shakespeare Company. Camilla began the day in a new coat topped with one of her go-to wool winter hats trimmed in faux fur around the brim (the same hat we saw her wear last week).

Duchess of Cornwall, March 18, 2015 in Lock & Co. | Royal Hats

Photo courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Duchess of Cornwall, March 18, 2015 in Lock & Co. | Royal Hats

Photo courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Designer: Lock & Co.
Previously Worn: March 13, 2015December 10, 2013; February 7, 2012;  February 6, 2012; January 27, 2012

Update: according to several people who attended these events, Camilla started the day without her hat and added it half way through. Reports are that it was a breezy day and I suspect Camilla added hat hat to protect against the wind. Whatever the reasons behind this addition, it created a very unusual sight as we seldom see royal women carrying their hats.

I have promised a closer look at Camilla’s many hats in this style- stay tuned for this later this week, after we get through all of these state and foreign visits!

Photos from Getty as indicated. Special thanks to the Mount Vernon Ladies Association for graciously sharing photos as well. 

11 thoughts on “Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Visit USA

  1. As I live in DC (but most unfortunately could not get away from work to see Charles & Camilla [still in mourning at this lost opportunity]), it was a breezy, cool day only in the 40s Fahrenheit, so Camilla’s hat was not out of place despite the sun. Still not my favorite style, but as JamesB said, this is the best of the Paddington varieties Camilla has. I’m not surprised any hat she did wear was a bit more informal as they are visiting the US, but I was actually surprised she did wear one at all! Love the coat and very glad TRH had a wonderful trip to my adopted city.

  2. Although surprisingly informal, this hat goes well with the beautiful coat. A large, more formal, more structured hat might have made a greater impression, I agree, but the whole outfit is a good one.

  3. I like the coat very much. It fits well, is flattering, and she looks wonderful. The hat is okay, and she seems to like it, although I do agree that I would rather have seen something that didn’t hide her face and that wonderful smile.

  4. Of all the hats she could have taken! My feeling is the more formal, the better – it makes them different, and I suspect what makes their visits overseas a success is not blending in, but standing out! If she’d worn one of her grand large hats that she does so well, she’d have been far more photo-worthy, and drawn more attention to the visit and its aims.

  5. This hat is very interesting and I like it … but not so much on her. It hides her face, which has lots of character and unfortunately the cameras do not do her justice. When they do capture her smiling, she is overshadowed by that huge brim .

  6. I really don’t love these hats, but this is he best one of the lot. That coat is quite fab though, it’s lovely.

  7. I don’t like these Paddington bear hats Camilla wears at all. I think her fur-trimmed hat looks out of place on a sunny spring day, and so does her winter coat.

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