Hat From The Past

Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, who passed away on this day in 2002. I can’t think of any other royal who has worn a halo brim as well (or as often!) as she.

Queen Elizabeth on a March 17, 1984 visit to Munster, Germany

Photo from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. It was Rudolf who introduced the up -turned( Halo) brim to her Majesty in the early 1970s,after his death Joy Quested-Nowell ( Rudolf’s partner continued the trend until her death),and then it was Rose Cory.I was Rudolf and Joy’s P.A for 6 years 1964 to 1970.Rudolf also made hats for HRH Princess Alexander.

  2. HatQueen, the book published on her 100th birthday, Elizabeth of Glamis, contains many photos of different hats through the decades from a small child to 100. Do you have any more to upload? Thanks for your Frederick Fox feature. Love seeing the old photos especially if British royals.

    • Someone wondered whether she wore different hats with different outfits. On Getty images,there’s a photo of her wearing a light blue hat on her 92nd birthday, and a few photos after, a light blue hat on a November 1992 hat to Canada. Can you please confirm if they are the same hat? Search “Queen Mother 1992” in Getty.

  3. Surely we’re seeing the wrong photo? I’m definitely seeing a picture of Queen Beatrix! (Or is my computer throwing a wobbly?)

    • …and yes, having posted that comment, Queen Bea has disappeared, to be replaced by QEQM! (But she was there, honest!)

  4. She was such an elegant lady, love her hats. The only time I saw her in a different style of hat in the recent years, was at the wedding of her granddaughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones. Xxx

  5. I think this halo brim shape really suited her and I wonder if this shape would work for Princess Eugenie, who looks a lot like her.

  6. As is (almost always) true with QE2, were the Queen Mother’s hats unique and exclusive to each individual outfit, or did she ever mix hats with various outfits? I can think of some prints that matched in her hats and dresses, but I don’t know whether I’ve ever seen any specific solid-colored hats worn with different coats over the years.

  7. This is one of my favorite styles for the Queen Mother. I wasn’t a fan of the explosions of feathers, but whatever she wore was recognizable as her style. I liked the things she wore in the twenties and thirties, and even some of the forties. In those days she wore more things that were fashionable at the time, but as she got older, she went for comfort and what she liked. I always adored seeing pictures of her. She was always herself, and a regal, cheerful, charming presence. She is much missed.

  8. Well she knew what she liked! Although she only adopted this style from about the mid 70’s before that she was a riot of feathers and flowers! I like how she became an iconic figure in her standard uniform – a hat history on the QM would be great fun, as you see a millinery style evolve over almost 80 years – and she certainly sported some corkers in her time!

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