Prince Harry Arrives Down Under

Prince Harry arrived at RAAF Fairbairn Airport in Canberra, Australia yesterday. Captain Wales, who recently announced he is leaving the British Army,  is concluding his military career with a month long secondment to the Australian Defence Force in Sydney, Perth and Darwin.

Upon his arrival, Prince Harry donned his tropical dress uniform to pay a visit to the  Australian War Memorial.

After paying tribute in the memorial, Harry delighted the assembled crowd with a walk-about.

Photos from Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Prince Harry Arrives Down Under

    • Charmer is right! He wears a uniform so well. He also has that “common touch” that was so special in his mother. He certainly is a royal imp but that makes him all the more fun to follow.

  1. Prince Harry looks good in hats so I hope he continues to wear hats when he leaves the military. With his red hair and pale skin, it’s a good idea to be sun savvy.

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