British Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Immediate Families

Royal Hats Today marks the tenth wedding anniversary of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. After looking at the bride’s spectacular millinery, we now turn our attention to the hats and fascinators worn by members of the couple’s immediate families.

Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the groom, matched her cream textured wool crepe coat to her hat by using the same fabric to cover the crown. The brim of the hat and a triple pleated band around the base of the crown were made in a pale yellow and cream floral print and the hat was trimmed with wispy ostrich feathers. The angular lines of the squared crown were balanced by the light feathers, a large silk bow and a slight upturn of the brim on one side of the hat. This hat was all about texture, something that is lost from a longer distance view. It is a very pretty hat on Her Majesty and she was clearly fond of it, as she wore it numerous times following the wedding.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Camilla’s sister, Anabel Elliot, topped her slate blue silk suit with a statement hat designed by Philip Treacy. The blue silk base of the hat was wrapped in embroidered tulle net and the hat’s trim, a large bouquet of slate blue trimmed feathers, coordinated with the firework embroidery on Anabel’s jacket. This is certainly not a hat for the faint of heart and Anabel proved that millinery bravery runs in the family.

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Camilla’s daughter, Laura Parker Bowles, contrasted her mint green military coat dress with a fantastical Philip Treacy fascinator. The center of the headpiece, a multi-looped gold straw bow, was wrapped in a whirl of arrow-trimmed feathers. At the time of the wedding, I could not figure out the connection between the fascinator and the coat but ten years on, I appreciate the style contrast between these two pieces. I particularly love the match between the headpiece and Laura’s gold pumps.

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Sara Buys, who married Camilla’s son Tom five months later, wore a black brimless hat trimmed with small white flowers and a swath of black net. The hat, a calot shape that Sara wore on the side of her head instead of on the back of her crown, coordinated with her black and white suit. While Sara, a fashion editor at Harpers & Queen, was well known in the fashion industry (her Alexander McQueen wedding dress is now credited as the Duchess of Cambridge’s introduction to the label), I don’t think this hat is memorable.

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On the spectrum of timeless to trendy, where do you think these decade-old hats rate today?

Later today, we’ll look at the hats worn by the remaining members of the British Royal Family.

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9 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Immediate Families

  1. I apologize for responding so late, but I’ve looked at all the submissions of Royal Hat’s, and it is so apparent how happy everyone in attendance seemed to be. The Queen, of course, looks exceptional in white, and I would love to know what she and Prince Harry were discussing to warrant Harry’s expression. Camilla’s sister’s suit was lovely, although to me it photographed very stiff – like it was made of leather. Her fascinator was maybe a little bit over powering, but attractive. Lara Parker Bowles and her brother, Tom, looked so very happy for their mother. I don’t want to criticize what Camilla’s children wore ten years ago. Everybody appeared to be having a great time, and that’s how it should have been.

  2. I think HM looked quite well in this hat and outfit, although I do think colors generally suit her better. Annabel Eliot’s hat was a bit over the top in terms of trimming, but I think overall it was a success, especially when paired with that fabulous coat! The detailing is exquisite! I think Laura Parker Bowles was one of the best dressed guests at this wedding, and think her whole ensemble is quite timeless compared to most at this occasion. Sara Buys looked pretty standard in my opinion; not offensive (except maybe the shoes), but nothing to get excited about.

  3. Queen Elizabeth 2: I thought the cream color was the wrong choice for this event, as it photographed white in most of the photos I’ve seen and on TV. The buttery tones show well in these photos, but another color would have been a better choice, especially as the Queen looks best in vibrant colors. I did like the textured wool crepe coat and hat. The fit of the coat is one of the best I’ve seen on her, and the collar anchored by the Aussie Wattle brooch, was a nice surprise. The slight upturn of the brim on one side of the hat was a flattering look for the Queen.

    Anabel Elliot: Her slate blue silk suit and hat was a great color and flattered her blonde hair too. I quite liked the statement hat designed by Philip Treacy, and the large bouquet of slate blue trimmed feathers was eye-catching, but it would have been way too much with any more feathers. It did coordinate with the firework embroidery on Anabel’s jacket, as HatQueen noted.

    Laura Parker Bowles: I like her mint green military coat dress and the color flattered her blonde hair and pale complexion well. I can’t understand the pairing of the mint green with the gold fascinator and shoes. I thought this fascinator looked too messy, didn’t suit her face shape, and the gold color didn’t flatter her blonde hair.

    Sara Buys: I liked the simplicity of the black brimless calot hat, but the small white flowers looked like they were put on with a glue gun at the last minute. I liked the wearing of it on the side of her head, but I wish the trim had been more elegant, and this type of hat looks better with the hair in a chignon. It did coordinate with her black and white suit, which her shoes did not, even though I do like those shoes, but just not with that outfit. I think the skirt was too short, and I don’t like the folds in it, as it just looked creased from some angles, when I saw it on TV.

    • Your comments on QE2’s outfit are spot-on: the coat looks lovely but it did photograph white — quite a jolt for the mother-in-law to be wearing white at a (second) wedding. I agree with your other comments today too, actually.

  4. Do you think Philip Treacy gave Camilla a discount for taking the whole family to him for hats?

    Love the Treacy pieces. GORGEOUS. Hate the Queen’s hat. It’s twee and cutesy. And what’s up with her in white?

    For a fashionista, Sara’s hat is boring. Boring. BORING.

  5. I have never seen The Queen’s hat so closeup. When I watched the wedding and she wore white I couldn’t believe it. Now I see it’s yellow which makes it a bit better. Did she know that Camilla was wearing blue and that’s why she wore white?

    Camilla’s sister looks so much like her I thought it was Camilla for a second! Her hat is so cute and her suit is incredible. I love the beadwork on it. Camilla’s daughter looked cute too. I remember how happy she and the 3 boys looked for their parents.

  6. It was definitely Camilla’s day and she looked fantastic, never better. The Queen also looked wonderful. And then there are the rest. These range from ho-hum to good grief! All in all, everyone made a concerted effort to look her best, and that’s what matters.

  7. I liked many of the hats, and others, not so much. Princess Eugenie’s hat is especially awful. It looks like it attached itself to her head, and it won’t go away! I don’t care for Sara Buys hat or suit. Neither fits particularly well. I did like seeing what Annabel and Laura wore. The hats are cheerful and irrepressible. HM looks good, she looks happy, and she looks comfortable. Perfect for a wedding!

  8. I like the Queen’s hat and coat. The texture was interesting and so was the neckline. Anabel Elliot’s hat is rather over-the-top for a wedding. Laura Parker Bowles’s gold rather over-the-top fascinator and gold shoes looked out of place at a daytime wedding. The simple hat and suit worn by Sara Buys looked good, but a little too plain for a wedding.

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