British Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Royal Guests

Royal Hats While the wedding of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall ten years ago was primarily a family affair, it was also attended by Dutch, Norwegian and Greek royal guests.

The House of Orange was represented by Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien. While this period saw Laurentien in a number of experimental and very avant garde pieces of fashion and millinery, her hat and suit at this wedding was uncharacteristically classic. Her hat, a large white straw piece with rounded brim, was trimmed in a black ruched sash around the base of the crown, wide piping around the brim and a spray of black feathers. It’s a beautiful hat but to me, it has always seemed at odds with Laurentien’s characteristic quirky style and short, funky haircut.

The most interesting fascinator at this wedding was worn by Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. Her headpiece consisted of a giant curved black feather topped with a mass of wispy, floating navy feathers. At the time, I remember thinking that while the scale of the piece was ridiculously large, it magically seemed to work. Maybe it was because the wispy feathers added another layer of navy texture to Mette-Marit’s intricately patterned lace and silk suit. Maybe it was because the hat was less jarring than her stark silver shoes.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

 Queen Anne-Marie of Greece wore an elegant ensemble, as usual, to this event. Her pale blue straw lampshade style hat was clearly dyed to perfectly match her suit; fabric from the suit was used for a band around the crown and piping around the brim. The proportion of lampshade style hats can be difficult to get right but this one was successful and left this Greek Queen firmly wearing it (instead of the lampshade wearing her). The monochromatic nature of the hat was a great counterpoint to her grey lace trimmed suit and she looked perfectly polished.

That concludes our fashion tour of this wedding! I am curious, dear readers- which hats do you think made the best style statement at the time? Which hats do you think translate best to today?

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3 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Royal Guests

  1. Princess Laurentien’s hat and suit were the only clothes I liked out of this bunch. She looked classy and elegant. This is about the best I have ever seen her look.

  2. Yes, those silver shoes on Mette-Marit are a definite miss. The hat’s pretty good, though. Not only the color but the texture of the hat and jacket match beautifully. I’m afraid that it’s my favorite of the three featured above.
    I’m surprised by Queen Anne-Marie’s hat. The pale blues of hat and suit match perfectly, but I would have thought that the lace from the jacket (or its color) would have made its way onto the hat somehow. Actually, had the cuffs of the jacket not had the lace, then the lack of lace on the hat would have looked better. But the lace trim everywhere on the jacket gives the jacket a heavy look that is totally missing in the hat.
    Again, this shows the advantages/disadvantages of a bespoke outfit. I think one has different expectation from those who purchase each piece of an ensemble from what is available on the market and those who can create an entire ensemble with each element specifically designed to go with the other elements.

  3. Mette-Marit’s entire outfit: I loved it then, and I still love it now! I think this was one of her best millinery moments. Laurentien did classic very well here and would like to see this come back again. Anne-Marie’s outfit was very nice, but I never did like that hat; looks too much like a Pilgrim hat or a garden pot turned upside down.

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