Tindall’s Horse Finishes Third in Grand National

Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips Tindall attended ‘Grand National Day’ at at Aintree Racecourse yesterday to cheer on Mike’s horse, Monbeg Dude. The horse, whose racing success has astounded everyone (including his owner), surpassed 40-1 odds and finished in third place. Zara tapped into the festive nature of the event with a light beige felt percher beret cocktail hat trimmed with a cream silk rose and vertical plume of white feathers.

It’s a lovely enough hat but I wasn’t fond of its pairing with her navy coat- I think the coat needs a hat with a larger brim to balance the wide shoulders. I hope, however, that Zara keeps this charming cocktail hat but pairs it with a more tailored look for it’s next outing. What do you think of this hat?

Designer: The Cotswold Milliner (Bridget Robbins)
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Tindall’s Horse Finishes Third in Grand National

  1. The base of the hat is fine, but the embellishments seem awfully meager and amateurish, as if she went to Michael’s craft store and stuck them on herself with a hot glue gun.

  2. Zara’s hat looks like a very close cousin to one designed by Phillip Treacy for S/S 2015. Saw in in Hello 30 March 2015.

  3. I like this hat on Zara, and I also like the coat which is far more flattering than many of her ensembles. However, I agree that it isn’t perhaps the best pairing. But I am surprised how much I like the way Zara’s hair looks with this hat. I’d say I’m instinctively always going to prefer hair up than hair down with hats, but this style does look very good.

  4. Other than the flower and trim, Zara’s hat looks almost the same as the one Autumn wore for Easter service at Windsor? Maybe the sister-in-laws have a hat base swap system going on?

  5. The hat is fine but too unremarkable for Zara’s vibrant personality, and I hate the pairing with the sunglasses. In my humble opinion cocktail hats never agree with sunglasses

  6. I like her whole ensemble, but then I like Zara. I particularly like how she styled her hair for this hat – very becoming.

  7. I am not crazy about the hat. As jamiemid says: April 12, 2015 at 6:19 pm, the adornments look almost haphazard. I do however like the basic shape of it. I really need to see it paired with some other outfit that it has some relationship with. This navy coat didn’t work with it at all.

  8. I don’t like the hat. The adornments look almost haphazard, as though someone threw them at the hat and they stuck. Something about it just seems off to me. Her outfit wasn’t that great either, but if I had to chose one, I would take the clothes and leave the hat. Regardless of what she wears, it is a treat to see her.

  9. I also like this hat but agree the over-all proportions with the coat are not good at all. But that said, this had is a step up for many of her looks that I really dislike. Just to have a hat a tad bit bigger as this one is compared to many of hers and then paired with some of her hair down to also help round out the look and make her face not appear so large in contrast to the hair/hat was a step up in my book for Zara. I so think she could really be helped by a better stylist who sees her over all shape and coloring and puts her into pairings that work best for her.

  10. I think this is a great cocktail hat and I love how Zara styled her hair with it. I’m so keen on her outfit however . . .

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