Birthday Celebrations for Queen Margrethe

Royal Hats

We have already looked at the hats worn by members of the Danish Royal Family today for Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday lunch at Copenhagen’s Town Hall– now it’s time to turn our attention to the hats worn by royal guests. Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (Queen Margrethe’s youngest sister) topped her beige pleated silk dress and bouclé coat with a chocolate felt hat. The hat, with a rounded crown and simple curled brim, was trimmed with a beige band around the crown that wrapped into a side bow surrounded in beige feathers. It’s not a particularly memorable hat but I appreciated the contrast it provided to Anne-Marie’s very beige ensemble.

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In contrast, Queen Silvia was a vision in vibrant purple. Rounding out her her silk suit (the same one previously worn to the Luxembourg royal wedding in 2012) and wool cape was a silk rose and straw twisted curl fascinator designed by Philip Treacy. Silvia looks fabulous in jewel tones and this bright piece was a nice change from the demure pillboxes and calots she has favoured of late… even though it does look like it is levitating on the side of her head. I adored how the magenta headpiece played against her purple ensemble and gave some much needed lively colour among the rather bland ensembles worn by other royal guests.

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Crown Princess Victoria topped her Chanel dress with a twin to the Philip Treacy fascinator she wore last year for Princess Leonore’s christening. While the two white pieces worked very well together, I can’t help being curious about another version of this very distinctive piece.

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit continued her trend of not wearing hats by (you guessed it), not wearing a hat. Instead, she topped her white dress and coat with her gold Prada headband tied with a red ribbon (clearly, in a reference to the red and white Danish flag). Mette-Marit wore this same headband to Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday five years ago and I suspect its appearance today might reference the last big birthday party. Such personal touches aside, I can’t wait for her aversion to hats to be over because no amount of ribbons woven through this headband will make it a hat.

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The hats worn by the Swedish royal women stood out to me in this group, they didn’t top those worn by the Danish Queen and princesses. Which one of these royal hats was your favourite today?

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8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations for Queen Margrethe

  1. My favourite is Queen Anne-Marie of Greece’s hat, because while I have seen her wear better, at least this is a full hat, which I think this special occasion demanded. Queen Silvia looked beautiful and I did like her headpiece, but I think this occasion warranted a full hat. Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s hairband and skull earrings were not appropriate for a mature Crown Princess at such a major event, but I do give her points for dressing in the red and white of the Danish flag. I like the cut of her coat. I liked Crown Princess Victoria’s Chanel dress but I don’t like the fascinator, and I don’t know why she ordered a twin, and I think she should have worn a more formal hat for this event.

  2. Anne-Marie’s hat doesn’t necessarily stand out, but I think the shape is a nice one for her and a good departure from the pillboxes and smaller hats she tends to favor. Silvia has always looked amazing in these shades of fuschia, magenta, and purple, and I love this fascinator on her as well. While it’s not a bad look for Victoria, I just don’t really like this style of headpiece in general. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever get Mette-Marit to warm up to hats; I do think she has always looked lovely with these ribbon headbands. Side note: I think a princess rocking skull stud earrings is kinda cool, but I don’t think they were appropriate for this occasion.

  3. Crown Princess Mette-Marit is wearing skull earrings. I cannot believe that a grown woman would be wearing these to a royal occasion! Other than that, Queen Silvia was the one that impressed me as being elegantly dressed as the rest of the Danish family.

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