Queen Elizabeth Sports Pink This Weekend

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York were at Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire yesterday for the amalgamation of the Queen’s Royal Lancers and the 9th and the 12th Royal into a new regiment called The Royal Lancers. For the military parade and Fly Past, the Queen repeated a vibrant pink hat. The straw design featured a flat crown and an open weave, upturned brim. The wide stripe of piping around the brim and band around the crown of the hat were made of the same wool as Her Majesty’s coordinating coat. More important than the design was the choice of this particular hat and coat today- widely understood as a statement of celebration for the arrival new Princess of Cambridge. This isn’t my favourite of the Queen’s hats but it was the perfect choice yesterday for this proud great-granny.

Designer: Angela Kelly. Coat by Karl Ludwig
Previously Worn: November 5, 2013

The Queen’s celebration of pink continued today as she and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Sunday morning service at St Mary Magdalene Church near their Sandringham estate. She repeated a cream straw hat with high crown and gently raised brim on one side, trimmed with a spiky pink dahlia made up of feathers. This hat is a lovely complement to Queen Elizabeth’s pink and white suit and it was wonderful to see her wear it again. You can see photos of the royal couple this morning here (the photo of the hat below is from its last outing).

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: November 11, 2011; June 23, 2007

Rumours are that Queen Elizabeth is set to meet the new baby tomorrow and I can only imagine it will be a meaningful and very happy visit.

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Sports Pink This Weekend

  1. Pepto Bismal pink is not a good look on anyone and I think the first hat is awful. The Queen looks good in pink, but this shade is too much for her. I am upset that the brim of the second hat was trimmed down. It was a gorgeous hat and this change is not an improvement. I like the shade of pink and hat style in the photograph posted by SnugHarbour.

  2. It was so nice that the Queen wore pink. I usually like her in bright colors but this time, I like the lighter hat. It’s a nice shape and that suit looks gorgeous!

  3. The first hat, the bright pink one, reminds me of a scaled down version on the ‘cake’ hats that Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands favors. Smaller overall, but a stack of cake tiers…

  4. What a proud grandma she seems to be and this is W’s first girl……….I also don’t care for the style of this hat, something is off, the brim is tooo small. She looks best in bright colors, this color really makes her stand out and be seen……love this color on her. And I bet she knew that the baby was a girl long before any of us knew………family secrets well kept!

  5. What a great thrill it was to see HM wearing pink on the day the new royal baby came into the world. Surely it was not coincidence!! (Seeing the baby was born nice and early I suspect there was time for a quick rethink, at least I am hoping so). Anyways…lovely. Thanks Snug Harbour for the other pink rolled brim hat and yes I much prefer that one too. (It’s the open weave look that I don’t like). Lastly, I much prefer the second hat with the smaller brim. It has a very elegant look to it, as per most RTM hats. Thanks for the post.

  6. The Queen can wear color beautifully, but the outfit she wore to church on Sunday I thought was gorgeous on her.

  7. I’ve always liked the second hat (both versions) from Sandringham, but the Saturday pink, only in its second wearing, is not a favorite of mine. As was pointed out, it’s not mad-hatter tall. Instead it’s actually too short and too narrow. Looks unimpressive, making the Queen look dumpy. I prefer this:

    Both look like AK’s square crown rolled brims.
    The addition of the white-pink scarf to the Saturday outfit didn’t help. The coat piping around the straw in the pink hat is intriguing, though. The important news is the birth of a healthy great-granddaughter.

  8. Congratulations Your Majesty on becoming a great-grandmother again! I liked the bright pink colour of the first coat, but I didn’t like the first hat at all, it looked squat. I liked the second hat, though I preferred it on its first outing when the brim as slightly larger. Her outfit was lovely too. How thoughtful of her to wear pink. I hope the newborn is called Princess Elizabeth, or at least has that as a middle name.

  9. Both hats are great in my book, tho the one from Sunday is delish for HM in my opinion – the crown is not that super high one that turnes this into the Mad Hatter look.

  10. Yes I really like the colouring of the second hat. The coat seems nice too. The first hat is sort of OK but I can buy that coat for $39.95 Canadian…right off the rack.
    however I am so pleased she wore pink and I can see her eyes twinkling with mischievous delight. She is happy. I do think the Queen has humour.

  11. I can take or leave the pink hat, but that white one is a stunner. That’s a proper fun ‘go to the races hat’ as indeed she did when she first wore it. And do my eyes decisive me… The brim had been trimmed hasn’t it? That’s a trend she’s followed the past few years, which is a shame, as she really suits a wide brim (and yes, I get the whole visibility thing, but we can still see her!)

    • Good catch- the brim was indeed trimmed after the first wearing, before the second. I preferred it when it was larger although it is still such a lovely hat.

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