Norwegian Royals Celebrate National Day

Members of the Norwegian royal family celebrated their national holiday yesterday with an annual appearance on the balcony of The Royal Palace in Oslo. While Crown Prince Haakon sported a traditional top hat, Crown Princess Mette-Marit stepped out in a small cocktail hat we have not seen her wear in a long while. Built on flat disc base, this navy piece is all about its trimmings- a large navy cabbage rose, multiple bow loops and a net tulle. This is a larger piece than Mette-Marit has worn recently- I welcome the larger scale and celebrate the beautiful detail but struggle with the placement. In the end, I’m afraid it looked like she was wearing one half of a pair of very fancy earmuffs.

Designer: I believe it is Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: December 10, 2006; June 6, 2006; 2006

Queen Sonja also used this occasion to début a winter white wool fedora simply trimmed with a slim, knotted band around the base of the crown. We don’t often see Sonja in fedoras and I think it’s a great shape for her. Great shape aside, there is something bland about this hat (the colour? the lack of embellishment? the pairing with this coat?) that makes it less classic and more boring for me.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What did you think of these two new hats in Norway yesterday?

Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Celebrate National Day

  1. I think Mette-Marit’s headpiece looks lovely, but the placement on her head is all wrong. Sonja’s fedora looks good on her, but I agree it seems much too casual for this event, especially when paired with the men’s top hats. I think Haakon’s top hat isn’t too short (although it is shorter than many I’ve seen), especially considering his face shape. I do think Harald’s top hat does sit a bit high, but I don’t think it looks ridiculous; if it’s an heirloom, then it might be a tad small anyhow (as it looks like the king has a larger head size). The men definitely win this round.

  2. You know, I’m a “less is more” person myself….but this is not even less. Sigh. None of these are anywhere close to a “best look”–at best, they’re boring and at worst, ill-fitting and/or inappropriate. I will happily volunteer myself as royal stylist…

  3. The Queen’s fedora is the best hat on the balcony, however, it is very plain, and though it flatters her, it doesn’t seem formal enough for a balcony appearance. I like the blue colour of her coat, but the style doesn’t do anything for her. The very high pockets look odd. Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s hat looked like she was wearing one half of a pair of very fancy earmuffs, as HatQueen said, and that is what I thought it was at first glance! I thought the other one dropped off! Crown Prince Haakon’s top hat didn’t look classy and the King’s was ill-fitting. The children looked well-dressed.

  4. To me, fedoras aren’t formal enough for a balcony appearance – they just look too casual. They can certainly be flattering and suit people in some circumstances, but this just isn’t the right place for such a hat. So I’m not a fan of Sonja’s look here.

    Mette-Marit looks nice, and I like seeing something more substantial in her hair. But down at that angle it really is an ornament on a headband, not a hat, I think! The self-same creation would be much more hat-like if worn in the usual place for hats.

  5. Hat Queen, you know I love a top hat on a gentleman. But something is just not right about either of the men’s hats. I’d be surprised if the Crown Prince’s hat is silk as it is rather short for an old hat (and silk hats haven’t been made in 70+ years). But I could be wrong. The king’s hat is simply too small for his head – the rule of measurement for a well-fitting hat is you can place one (possibly two) fingers between the brim of the hat and the top of the wearer’s ear. I can just about get a fist between the king’s hat and ear. LOL!

    And I have to say I don’t like either of the women’s hats. As you said in your post, M-M’s looked like she lost one-half of a pair of fancy ear muffs. And a wool fedora? Well, just writing the words “wool fedora” gave me a shudder. And in stark white? Not good.

    Hey, at least they are out there waving at the crowd! 🙂

    • I was hoping you would weigh in on the top hats! At close look, it seems that Prince Haakon’s hat is felt, with a wide band of silk around the crown that gives the illusion it is made of silk. Not good, particularly with its too-short stature.

      • Hmm, I noticed that in the photo where he is holding the hat it looks shiny as if it is a wide silk band on the hat. If that is the case, yikes! When hats were made of silk (and regularly worn) they could be polished to create a sharp shine on the crown. So when in mourning a man would place a wide band around the crown so that the hat wouldn’t shine as much. The wider the band, the more important the person was to the wearer. So the Haakon’s hat, in felt with silk band is just wrong. Almost as bad as David Beckham’s hat at Prince William and Catherine’s wedding a couple of years ago.

  6. Sonja looks lovely in her blue and white, but I don’t care for the sunglasses. If she has some medical reason, then I apologize but other than that, a balcony appearance is no place for sunglasses. As for MM, she is so beautiful and loving towards her family. Nice hair ornament, but can it really be considered a hat if the item in question is placed so clearly right above her ear? Must have to do with the diameter of the base of the hat, but looks like a hair ornament rather than a “hat” to me.

  7. I think the Norwegian Royal family needs to hire a stylist or if the CP already has one, that stylist needs to be fired! The fedora on Queen Sonja is a nice shape for her, but needs some embellishment. While it is not terrible, if she had added something to it, I think it would be perfect.

    I don’t even know where to begin with the CP. Sometimes I wonder if what she wears on her head and her earrings are just for shock value, but why would someone want to look less than their best in front of the whole nation? I give up trying to figure out this Ice Queen and her idea of head gear.

  8. Mette-Marit’s hat or lack thereof is puzzling. It does look like half an ear muff. The Queen’s fedora is cute and looks nice on her. I like the size on her, and I think it works. M-M just does not seem to like hats, and I think she would look great in a nice hat, but she seems to ascribe to the less hat the better theory. While there can definitely be a hat that is too much, it almost always looks better than an almost nonexistent one!

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