Queen Mathilde Opens Edegem Hospital

Queen Mathilde officially opened the new maternity and children’s wing at the ‘Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen’ (UZA) hospital in Edegem yesterday. She carried on her penchant for vibrant hats and frocks with a new headpiece in pale coral pink straw

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In past, I have been rather vocal about my dislike of open-crowned hats. This piece, however, has me eating those words because I think it is beautiful. The colour is lovely on Mathilde and combination of ruched straw and curving lines of the piece lend it the most graceful sense of movement. The fluted edge at the back (faintly reminiscent of this previous hat) is subtle but crucially saves the headpiece from looking like a doughnut.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

I thought the combination of this hat with Mathilde’s her interesting pink and coral printed dress created a very fresh and modern take on ‘feminine pink from head to toe’. I suspect, however, that not everyone will be as enamoured with this headpiece as I am – what do you think of it?

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12 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde Opens Edegem Hospital

  1. Fantastic colors on Mathilde! But I would take a calot hat any day over these bandage-style circlets. They just don’t do it for me, and the color of this one still doesn’t save it.

  2. I agree, I think this is the best holey hat I’ve ever seen, and I actually like it. It’s partly because the colour is so well chosen for the dress, but also, as you say, the little twist at the end gives it some personality that takes away from the holeyness!

  3. Queen Mathilde is wearing some bolder colors lately which is great to see. However much I try, I can’t love those bandage hats. I like the color of this one, and if it had been a calot, I would have loved it. The colors of her dress are good, but the fabric looks heavy, and the big pleats add bulk.

  4. I love this hat and dress. I think the main reason I’ve disliked the “donut” hats is that they look like they were made out of Ace bandages and they are too close to her hair color to make them stand out. Why bother to wear a hat that is so well camouflaged? This one stands out without being flamboyant.

  5. I really like the hat and of course her hair is perfectly groomed for it. Love the color combination with the pinks in the dress. Very elegant!

  6. It really is lovely, and it sits perfectly on her head. It isn’t too much or too little, and it looks great with her hair. Perfectly styled.

  7. I think I like it, but, hmm… There’s still a lot going on here! It’s just all so, well, orange. I don’t share may others’ dislike for neutral colours (or bleurgh as we sometimes call them!) and I just feel Mathilde suits a more elegant look. Weirdly I think I’d love this on Maxima though!

  8. Love the hat; love her hair! The fabric of the dress looks thick as though it doesn’t drape well. However the overall is very nice on her.Great follow up to her out of the ballpark great outfit day with Max yesterday!

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