Queen Máxima Opens Education Centre

On Friday, Queen Máxima was in Zoetermeer to officially open the new Koninklijke Kentalis care education centre for people with disabilities. For this event, she repeated a headpiece of beige folded straw. The piece, which has a very organic and natural feel to it, has a lovely delicacy and sense of movement to it.  I admire that Queen Máxima consistently wears hats for official openings and and while I’m not usually a fan of all beige outfits or hats worn with trousers (and I don’t like choice of blouse with her jacket), I think there is something that works about they way she has dressed down this hat for this informal event.

19 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Education Centre

  1. And I just noticed that she appears to have a hat pin in this hat … and no scary, pointy bit anywhere to be seen (specially with small children round). Bottom photo on left.

      • HatQueen, does Fabienne Delvigne put her logo on all her hats? I’m assuming yes but this is the first time I’ve actually noticed it so obviously placed. It shall be a game now to see if I can find it!

        • Yes- in recent years, Fabienne Delvigne usually includes her logo on her designs. It is often tucked in beside a bow or discretely added to the side or back of the hat.

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          Embed from Getty Images

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  2. I think hats and a trouser suit can work well together (it’s allowed under Royal Ascot rules), and I like this overall, but why the monochrome beige again?!

  3. As one of the girls across the pond, we have no problem with hats and pant suits Hilary proved that pant suits are acceptable! (LOL). My problem is the hair which does nothing for the hat, AND the blouse which does nothing for the suit. But Maxima is ever interesting and redeemed herself on this day with those fabulous earrings.

  4. Looking at the photos of Queen Maxima’s previous wearings of this hat I noticed on the first occassion on 24 May 2008, exactly 8 years ago she wore the same outfit hat, blouse and suit included. Wow she must have one enormous wrdrobe if she keeps and recycles her clothes and hats for that many years. I agree this hat looks much better with a more polished hair style.

  5. I like this hat, but actually I feel it doesn’t work well with the hair down, nor with the suit. I think it needs something that is either more formal (hair up, tailored dress maybe), as a counterbalance, or else light in the sense of a floaty summer dress or something.

  6. I agree with HatQueen that I admire that Queen Máxima consistently wears hats, but I don’t think this soft, unstructured hat works with this sharply tailored pantsuit. I find hats usually don’t work with this type of suit. This hat looks too much like a crumpled napkin worn with her hair down. It looked better in the previous outing with a side chignon, and a loose fitting dress. I think wearing all beige is very boring. Her earrings are great.

  7. The only problem I have with her outfit is the blouse she chose to wear with this suit jacket. The hat is such a pretty little hat in color and style. This is about as small as Maxima gets with hats, isn’t it. Her earrings are spectacular and, of course, her best accessory is her smile and warm personality.

  8. I love the blush-pink-neutral color but for some reason I’d prefer a skirt instead of pants. REALLY love the diamond and Kunzite (or Morganite) earrings. Also like this hat but wished she would’ve put more thought into her hairstyle.
    To all my fellow Yanks…HAPPY HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! I’d like to acknowledge both my Grandfather’s, one in World War 2 and the other Korean War, an Uncle (ARMY) and my Father and another Uncle (AIR FORCE). Not celebrating War just the Men and Women who volunteer freely knowing there could be risk.

  9. On it’s own, the pant suit is fine, but it just doesn’t go with the hat. I think she wore her hair down to make the hat work with the pant suit, but it just didn’t work. I like everything about this outfit but the blouse, but none of the pieces are cohesive. It just comes off as something she grabbed on her way out the door. That’s a shame, since the hat and suit are both lovely in their own right. She is willing to take risks, but they don’t always work out. She is fearless and confident, so it is always fun to see what she is up to. It is always fun to see her jewelry, which she seems to like a great deal, especially bold pieces. I wouldn’t say hats never go with pant suits because I have seen them paired quite successfully in the past, but this is the wrong outfit and the wrong hat.

  10. The hat itself is very nice and it would look great if she had done something structured with her hair. Hanging, stringy hair is never a good look and certainly not with a hat.

  11. I agree with you that this hat had a very organic feel…and perhaps that is why I do not like it with this outfit. The suit is quite structured (and you’re right, the blouse is just not right). I would have liked the hat with some kind of soft unstructured dress. While I have no objection to a pants suits for some occasions, I agree that pants suits and hats don’t mix. She could have worn something in her hair — perhaps just a ribbon — just not a hat.

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