Dutch Monarchs Kick Off Canadian Visit

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in Canada yesterday for a week long visit. For their official welcome in Ottawa today, Queen Máxima repeated a loosely structured navy picture hat. Made of light straw that appears to be sewn together in long strips, the hat is simply trimmed in a wide swath of rough edged navy straw that lies on top of the brim.

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This hat is all about texture and easy movement- the very two things that put it at complete odds with Máxima’s very structured lace covered dress and lace coat. While I love the idea of the magenta, cream and navy colour scheme of this ensemble, it completely fails due to texture overload.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: June 12, 2013; October 31, 2011

In all honesty, I can’t think of any hat that would work with this dress and coat combination. Can you?

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19 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Kick Off Canadian Visit

  1. Kudos to Maxima for wearing hats in North America, where no one else does. This is now day three of the Canadian visit and while the King & Queen have been pictured with many female dignitaries, Maxima is always the sole hatter in the group. I assume the pattern will continue in the United States?

    • Alas, there are still a few North American ladies wearing hats on a daily basis but not royalty for sure.
      Kudos to Queen Max for taking it over the top, (we love that in the States). I’ll take over the top rather than dull and boring any day.
      Queen Max is perpetually interesting!!

  2. Not a fan of this whole look–hat, dress, coat, and those horrible hat pins. I think this is one of Maxima’s worst outfits ever. She doesn’t even have her megawatt smile on display here. Let’s hope the rest of the visit shows Maxima at her best.

  3. If she wore the coat with a plain dress and a pillbox it could work. Otherwise I don’t mind the hat and I think the dress is probably quite cute. All these items together is sensory overload.

  4. I think this is a great ensemble overall and I love this hat, but I just think the pattern of the lace jacket was a bit too much. Maybe if the coat has been just solid navy in a gauzy material it would’ve been a complete success. This is much better than some things we’ve seen Maxima wear (*cough* that drab shawl from last week *cough*).

  5. Queen Máxima’s outfit seems to be a mismatch to me. I love the navy and magenta colors, and the dress is elaborate enough, without needing the navy lace peignoir, that looks somewhat like a beekeeper’s smock, over it. I like this hat from the front, but I don’t like the back view. I never like frayed material on hats, and I fail to understand why the Queen doesn’t buy hat pins that feature separate covered tips to put over the sharp ends. I think if she wanted a hat to go with this complicated outfit, a simple magenta pillbox could maybe have worked better.

  6. Actually, I don’t think the two work badly together, because i think the gauzey effect of the hat and the lace is very similar. However, I can’t say I really like either of them!

  7. I’m surprised by all the negative comments. Except for those dangerous hat pins, I actually like this whole outfit. I think the second picture in particular shows that the hat and the lace coat go beautifully together since both are so see-through. The waviness of the hat mimics the lightness of the lace. The magenta stripe in the dress and magenta in the purse give an unexpected pop of color, but navy blue elsewhere keep the outfit grounded and appropriate for the occasion.

  8. The hat pin situation is getting worse!! It just looks so bad and ruins the whole look. They look like they were a last minute, unfinished addition. Someone find a solution quick….please. The coat’s lace fabric ensures we are exposed to my personal fashion loathe- visible seams. Ugh. I don’t mind the hat. Thanks.

  9. I don´t like the hat as such. it looks too busy with the frayed edges and floppy style. Together with the rest of the outfit it is a disaster.
    The coat needs to go and never be seen again. The dress might work with a smaller hat of solid blue or pink

  10. Perhaps a structured navy modified lampshade shape…very neat, tidy and tailored….a’la Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ might balance things, and tone down what’s below the neck……Otherwise, as others have commented, wear these pieces separately, because they do each have good aspects….just not together.

    • THAT’S where she got the color combo idea!

      Gotta love Max. She takes things just that much further over the top.

  11. Weapons in the hat………..those pins look dangerous and she could use them to protect herself if need be. The at is okay, not bad, in fact I like it, yet that outfit……..lololololo, what was she thinking, this lace dress and coat for that occasion, not good at all. This is Maz and she goes way over the top in her clothes anymore………the louder, the brighter mismatched, we all know when she is arriving. Oh I do like the red nail polish and lipstick, they look good on her.

  12. The hat’s great. With the dress alone it would be great. The lace coat – well it could be great if worn over a plain dress. But this is Max – so she’s gone for the whole lot together! It’s just all too much alas. However… She does knock it out of the park at the banquet, so that’s something!

  13. I actually like it but those hat pins are sticking dangerously out. The flowers clash with the colour in the dress. Not sure why recent Royal visits to Canada mean the women wear dark colours. Crown Princess Mary wore grey as an example.
    I am glad the Queen did not wear one of those wrap hats that disappear with her hair colour. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.

  14. I think a magenta picture hat with no trimmings would look great. (I didn’t even recognize Queen Maxima at first, because the navy hat seems so sombre for her)

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